Taj Residencia Introduction

One of Islamabad's amazing housing societies, Taj Residencia is a proud example of the Sardar Group of Companies' superior development work. It is intended to give Pakistanis a wonderful dreamland where they can live the luxurious lifestyle of their dreams. Because of its faultless planning, creative design, and extraordinary amenities, it will prove to be a priceless pearl added to the crown of beauty and peace of the twin cities.

There is no need to introduce the Sardar Group of Companies when it comes to the construction of stunning real estate projects, intricate buildings, and malls. They have received widespread praise for how The Centaurus Mall was built and designed, which speaks volumes about the remarkable and stunning build quality. Taj Housing Society is designed to add more to the already existing glory of the Sardar Group of Companies.

Taj Residencia Developers and Owner

Taj Residencia Islamabad is a large-scale project of the Sardar Group of Companies, which evolved from a commercial real estate firm into a full-service urban developer. The company's experience and knowledge are not restricted to Pakistan because they have worked in the automotive sector in Iraq as well. However, they set the bar for luxury residential complex design and construction in Pakistan. They are dedicated to providing unrivaled comfort and style so that the inhabitants can take pleasure in living in a quiet neighborhood where all the best amenities are close at hand.

Taj Residencia Location


If you want to be close to a metropolis while still escaping its noise and bustle, Taj Residencia is the ideal option for you. It is situated in Islamabad close to CDA Sector I-14. The Taj Residency is located in the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), which is close to Islamabad. Additionally, the I-14/I-15 connection route serves as the project's main entry point. For the Taj Residencia Installment Plans and Community project, the RDA has approved a total of 10,000 Kanals of land.

Taj Residency can now only be accessible by taking the sector I-14 connection route from Islamabad. However, the Islamabad Motorway will soon be accessible from Rawalpindi's Ring Road, providing another entry point.

Taj Residencia Islamabad Accessibilities


  • It is located at Bhata Road
  • It is almost 5 min drive away from Chakra Road
  • It's almost 25 min drive away from GT Road
  • It is almost 29 min drive away from Srinagar Highway
  •  It is almost 25 min drive away from M2 Motorway
  •  It is almost 31 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport

Taj Residencia Nearby Landmarks

  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad
  • Afshan Colony
  • Misrial
  • Allama Iqbal Colony

Taj Residencia NOC

No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Taj Residencia has been approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority. Societies that have NOC approved to have more chances to get developed and give a good return on investment. For daily updates you can visit Our Channnel.

Taj Residencia Master Plan

The developer has designed this property so that people do not have to give up a comfortable lifestyle, live comfortably, and meet all their daily needs in luxury and simplicity. To keep the living environment in balance, the property includes parks and commercial areas. It's like having a city within a city.

Phase 1 of the Taj Residencia is shown in the master plan. In addition, a large area will be set aside separately for Phase 2 and future expansion. Properties available include residential areas, apartments, and villas. However, unlike other suburban homes, growth is minimal. Taj Residencia has a total of 1907 channels of protected areas.


It also consists mainly of residential and commercial areas. In regions 5, 8, 10, 14, and 20 Mara, Taj Residencia offers Taj Villas in modern, Mediterranean, and eclectic categories. Lots come in a variety of sizes and locations, including standard lots, corner lots, boulevards, and park view lots. Sardar Group of Companies offers Taj Residencia dream villas and turnkey dream villas. The broad emerging sector platform provided by Centaurs Mall-II and other unexpected facilities and amenities has generated a great deal of interest. His master plan also includes The Royal Club Islamabad.

The following Plots are available in the Dream Villas portfolio:

  • 1 Kanal Villa
  • 1 Kanal Model Villa
  • 14 Marla Villa
  • 10 Marla Villa Mediterranean
  • 10 Marla Villa Eclectic
  • 10 Marla Villa Modern

Taj Residencia Dream Villas:

The housing society features elegantly-designed villas that offer the inhabitants a sense of luxury and grandeur. These villas are provided with all the contemporary amenities. Below are the sizes of dream villas in Taj Residencia:

  • 5 Marla 
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Blue Bell Taj Residencia:

Blue Bell Block is a recent addition to the housing scheme of Taj Residencia. The block features residential plots at low rates. Below are the plots sizes:

  • 8 Marla

Taj Residencia Payment Plans:

The booking in Taj Residencia starts with a 20% down payment and a total of 10 quarterly installments of the remaining amount. The first installment is not due for the next six months. 

Taj Residencia Amenities

Taj Residencia contains world-class amenities and facilities that are exclusively provided in this society. Below we are discussing some of them: 

Health District:

The area's most prominent feature is its modern medical center. The medical center has enough beds and offers new technology and equipment. In addition, trained staff can operate medical equipment. The housing association provides medical services to citizens through world-class medical facilities.

Sports District:

As the name suggests, this block was primarily designed for residents' sporting events. The sports block at the Taj Residency has multiple sports fields and arenas for a variety of games and sports. In addition, this building will be an all-in-one building for tenants. A cricket stadium, football stadium, badminton courts and a sports center for indoor games are planned. Additionally, residents of this block have access to a miniature golf course.

Educational institution:

A large area of ​​land was reserved for the project's educational institution. The aim is to provide a learning experience with the latest technology and a welcoming atmosphere. This land package includes more than just schools. It also has several universities and educational institutions. The aim is to make it easier for residents to find the nearest schools and colleges without compromising educational efficiency.


The initiative also includes the Central Jamia Mosque, a large structural concept. In a calm and joyful atmosphere, people from all walks of life gather to make five petitions. Individuals can easily perform prayers and other religious obligations. While the mosque has a beautiful interior and exterior architecture, visitors are provided with all the necessary amenities and the perfect space for prayer.


This private company is a gated community with all security measures at a high level. It is surrounded by perimeter walls that prevent anyone from entering or exiting the culture. The entire route is equipped with the latest technology and a dedicated safety team in case of any accidents or mishaps. To maintain the integrity of the property, these clocks are placed in various locations throughout the property.


To ensure ultimate progress, the trails, designed plots, and other critical frameworks are built with sophisticated expertise and cutting-edge technology. This was made possible by the contributions of architects and engineers to the advanced private housing community during the construction schedule.

Power Supply:

Taj Residencia has confirmed that there are no problems with this private company resident. To prepare for power outages, backup generators are installed on-site to ensure a seamless, uninterrupted power supply. As a result, the extension provides a completely unload-shredded environment.

Underground Wiring:

Builders ensured the beauty of civilization by filling in power lines and providing essential services. The result is a culture that is healthy and wonderful. Because forward-thinking lodging culture has created an awkward and repulsive notion of old-fashioned manholes and suspended cables.

Provision of Gas:

Another important service that every citizen needs is gas. Communities conveniently deliver gas systems to their residents' doorsteps for a luxurious lifestyle with all the amenities and conveniences. park:

There is no doubt that society's architects ensured that citizens enjoyed a luxurious life with a strong and intimate relationship with nature. As a result, the administration is building open recreation parks. Families and their children enjoy their free time in these parks and lead happy and healthy lives.

Community Center:

The company sponsors excellent community clubs where residents can meet and participate in social activities. This can be a useful activity in itself. It will allow the lodgers to meet and greet. 

Water Purification System:

A luxurious lifestyle requires superior comfort. Planners and organizers usually integrate the system with the purest drinking water into the water purification process of the accommodation water purification system.

Centaur Small 2:

Due to the popularity of Centaur Small in Islamabad, the developer plans to build his second branch near his Taj Residencia. This will give residents access to national and international brands without wasting time driving outside the property.

  • Large balcony
  • A.C. in common space
  • High-level monitoring.

Salient Features of Taj Residencia

  • Picturesque Residential Apartment Towers
  • State-of-the-art eye park
  • Commercial hubs
  • Parks 
  • Play Areas
  • Royal Club 
  • Entertainment
  • Safari Parks
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Nearby International Standard Hospital
  •  The Centaurus Mall 2
  • Grand Jamia Masjid supports religious practices
  • Schools and Colleges for Quality Education

Why Invest in Taj Residencia?

Taj Residencia is a densely populated area. Its people are promised quality of life, hospitality, and a safe climate. In addition, the company enjoys a prime location near his CDA sector I-14 and I-15 and just off the Link Road for easy access to Islamabad. Blocks under construction are in high demand and most properties are already rented. As a result, interest rates are expected to continue rising in the future. Additionally, parcels are required to own immediately after depositing! This means that you can start building your home right away.

Apart from that, the Taj Housing Society offers a luxury residential opportunity - your dream home! Featuring all the latest amenities and stunning venues. Plus, the Taj street map is structured so that you can travel a few kilometers to find everything you need. Medical centers, classrooms, universities, shopping malls, Carrefour, etc. are available.

Special attention is being paid to hospitals and airports to ensure that a Taj resident can arrive within 5 or 10 minutes of her in an emergency. Both major services such as water, electricity, coal, and other commodities are operating without major outages. Additionally, prospects for the expansion of the Taj Housing Society are favorable as planners move ahead with the construction of Phase 2 after Phase 1 is completed.


First of all, within the walls of the Taj Residencia, you will find everything you need: hospitals, educational institutions, shopping arcades, and banks. Easily connects Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Apart from that, the airport is conveniently located. Uninterrupted utility delivery:

Lodging companies can provide electricity, water, and electricity to residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But it's clear how much easier life would be if we didn't have to worry about ironing laundry or running the air conditioner until the power went out.

Great Development Plan:

The architecture of the Taj Residencia has been meticulously designed by the best project planners. It is unbelievable how large the streets separated from the main streets for bicycles and commuters have become, how beautiful the central gardens have become, how wonderfully crafted the monuments are, and how advanced the hospitals have become.

Broad Range:

Originally only the first phase was proposed, but now construction has begun on the second phase of the private property. This opens up new business prospects and acquisition opportunities. Investors set goals in advance and you can quit too.

Excellent Opportunity for Overseas Pakistanis:

Offshore Pakistanis want to invest their capital in quality housing communities that offer the standard of living they expect. As a result, Taj Residency is ideal for them as it addresses all their concerns: stability, tranquility, luxury, and first-class facilities. 


Taj Residencia is an excellent investment opportunity for those who want a good return on their investments. It has a prime location and remarkable facilities. Also, its investors are well-known in the real estate market. To invest in this project, contact us now for further information.