RUDN Enclave Introduction

RUDN Enclave is a lifestyle destination for the communities under the auspices of RMRSCO private limited which is an ISO-certified company. This idea is extremely promising because it is a collaboration between enthusiastic experts and highly skilled real estate developers. RUDN Enclave is planned and designed by NESPAK.


RMRSCO (Pvt) Ltd is the owner of this housing development, which spans 18,000 Kanals. The skilled and extremely professional management at RMRSCO (Private) Limited, an ISO-certified company, strives to take on Pakistan's most prestigious civil engineering and construction projects. The CEO and Director of RMRSCO are Rahim U Din.


RUDN Enclave NOC

The RUDN Enclave management has finished their checklist and submitted all legal documents to Rawalpindi Development Authority. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).  will shortly grant the housing society's NOC The magnificent residential development is well-known for being close to the CPEC zone, Chakri and Thalian, the M-2, and Bahria Town Islamabad Phase 8. Visit Our Channel for regular updates about Rudn Enclave.

RUDN Enclave Location

The perfect position for RUDN Enclave is nestled between two beautiful bodies of water, Khasala Dam in the northeast and Jawa Dam in the southwest. It also stretches along the most important communication route, Adyala Road, and further north toward Chakri Road.

The housing society is located outside of the city's busy streets. Near Rudn Enclave, there are many housing societies, medical facilities, educational institutions, supermarkets, parks, and commercial marketplaces.

Access Routes:


Access routes are crucial for the smooth functioning of any housing society. They provide residents with a way to enter and exit society, as well as access essential services such as hospitals, schools, and supermarkets. Adequate access routes also ensure that emergency services such as ambulances and fire trucks can reach society in a timely manner.

Rudn Enclave is quite reachable from a variety of locations. Below are a handful of the accessible points:

  • Driving time from Rawalpindi Saddar to RUDN Enclave through Adyala Road is about 20 minutes.
  • Driving time from Dhamyal air base to RUDN Enclave on Dhamyal Road is about 15 minutes.
  • The driving time from Gorakhpur to Adyala Road to Bahria Phase 8 is about ten minutes.
  • The driving time from the M2 to the Chakri interchange and Chakri road is about 20 minutes.
  • About 35 minutes to travel from Rawat through the Chakbeli route.
  • Adyala Road and M2 through Chakri interchange: approximately a 25-minute commute.
  • Zero Kilometers from Rawalpindi Ring Road.

RUDN Enclave is traversed by the planned Rawalpindi Ring road project, which would eventually connect commuters to the highway, G.T. Road, Rawalpindi City, and Islamabad.

The location serves as a focal point for all public services like gas, electricity, fiber optics, water sources, health care, education, transportation, and utilities that still make a place habitable today.

Another significant development that will undoubtedly improve the value and connectivity of RUDN Enclave is the addition of the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Nearby Landmarks and Places:

Having nearby landmarks can greatly enhance the overall livability of a housing society. They also serve as community gathering places and can foster a sense of community spirit among residents. In addition, nearby landmarks can also increase the property values of homes within the housing society.


Some of the Famous Landmarks near RUDN Enclave are listed below:

Rudn Enclave Blocks

RUDN Enclave contains several blocks with residential and commercial plots. Here is the list of total blocks of Rudn Enclave:

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • Block E
  • Block F
  • Block G
  • Block H
  • Block I
  • Block J
  • Block K
  • Block L

RUDN Enclave’s Masterplan:


All the blocks have been divided into three primary blocks by Rudn Enclave. It makes it simpler for residents and investors to find the best category. Following is the list of these blocks:

  • General Blocks
  • Executive Blocks
  • Farmhouses

General Block:

The general block, which consists of the A, C, G, and H blocks, features a mixture of residential and commercial plots as well as areas specifically designated for leisure, health, education, religious and social meetings, sports and entertainment, travel, shopping, and other amenities.

Different plot sizes are given in order to serve families with varying economic levels.

Residential plots in the general block are available in sizes of 5, 7, 10, and 1 Kanal.

Commercial plots measuring 4, 8, and 1 Kanal are available.

Executive Block:

The idea of luxury and elite life is referred to as executive.

This Block was created by NESPAK, who gave it the moniker "MODEL BLOCK." This block has a main boulevard that is 200 feet wide and streets that are 40 to 60 feet wide. It also has a separate entrance.


In addition to housing Pakistan's largest monument, a sports stadium, an international hospital, a grand Jamia mosque, mega shopping malls, a country club, an education zone, and a smart security system, the block is home to the majority of green spaces, parks, and play areas.

Different plot sizes are given in order to serve families with varying economic levels.

There are residential plots of 7, 10, 1, and 2 Kanals available in the executive block.

Commercial sites in the executive block of 4 and 8 Marla.

Farmhouses in Rudn Enclave:

A range of farmhouses is available, allowing you to live among lush greenery and other natural surroundings while getting a taste of nature through gardening. where, for a while, you can breathe, relax, and take in the peace and quiet of nature without being exposed to the artificial pollution of a busy city. Farm House-only plots will be located away from the residential plots, along the shore of Khala Lake.

Difference between Executive and General Blocks:

The General Block has Residential, Commercial, and Farmhouses, with a Boulevard width of 200 feet, street widths of 30 feet, and service roads of 40 feet. Executive Block, on the other hand, has Residential and Commercial plots, a major Boulevard that is 250 feet wide, and streets that are 40 to 60 feet wide. Its green space, roads, and services occupy 60% of the overall block.

Rudn Enclave Facilities and Amenities

The opulent and unique amenities at Rudn Enclave are well renowned. Making sure that all services are provided at the highest standard is the most fulfilling aspect of society.

The following amenities are proposed for the project by the society:

  • Gated community with boundary wall:

A boundary wall around the society will provide a sense of security by separating the community from the outside world. It will have security features such as cameras and guard posts to enhance the overall security of society. Overall, it will act as an effective first line of defense for a housing society, helping to keep residents safe and secure.

  • Smooth Connection via a System of Wide Roads:

A system of wide roads within a housing society will greatly benefit the community in several ways. First and foremost, wide roads will provide better accessibility for residents and visitors, allowing for smooth and efficient movement of vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. This will greatly improve the overall quality of life for residents, as they will be able to easily move around society without any hassle

  • Intelligent Security and Monitoring System:

An advanced security and monitoring system will greatly benefit society by providing increased safety and security for residents by providing real-time monitoring, alerts, and improved community safety, access control, and community access to authorized members only.

  • Uninterrupted Provision of Essential Services:

Uninterrupted provision of essential services will greatly benefit society by ensuring that residents have access to necessary resources, improving overall livability and property value, and contributing to the safety and well-being of residents.

  • Water filtration facility for locals:

A water filtration facility in the enclave will provide clean and safe water for residents, improve overall health and sanitation, and reduce dependence on external sources of water.

  • Public transportation system:

The management of Rudn enclave has decided to provide people with public transportation system by mapping the roads in such a way that within no time, people of society will be able to reach public transportation points. This would benefit people greatly.

  • Shopping centers and specific commercial areas:

Shopping centers and commercial areas will provide convenience, community, employment, and economic benefits to the people of the Rudn enclave, and they will also increase property values.

The process of developing commercial markets throughout society is now underway. People can also use the marketplaces around the housing society for accessibility. Shopping malls, shops, grocery stores, shopping marts, and utility stores are all part of the markets.

  • Nearby Hospitals and Clinics:

Hospitals with excellent technology and skilled and qualified doctors are located near the society and provide emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The hospitals are between 7 and 25 kilometers apart. It takes between 15 and 20 minutes to get there.

  • Bank and ATM availability:

Due to safety concerns, most people do not carry much cash with them, instead opting for ATM cards or debit cards. As a result, locating active ATMs and banks near the housing society is not a problem.

  • Masjids, schools, and parks:

All blocks of Rudn Enclave will be having mosques, schools, and parks benefitting people in multiple ways. People will no longer need to go find good schools to quality education for children. One will be able to go to a park within no time.

  • Platinum Class Cinema:

Rudn enclave will have a cinema for its residents for keeping their selves entertained in their leisure time. 

  • Eiffel Tower Monument:

Monuments in housing societies serve as a reminder of the add aesthetic value and character to the community, making it a more attractive and unique place to live. Rudn Enclave has an Eiffel Tower Monument for adding to its beauty.

Considerations Before Investing:

Here are some pointers to consider before purchasing or investing:

  • Investors should read the project plan thoroughly.
  • They should be well-versed in the intricacies of payment arrangements.
  • Investors should obtain expert counsel before purchasing any land.
  • They can physically visit the area and double-check all documents before submitting them.

Rudn Enclave Public Notices:

Before purchasing a property, read all of the terms and conditions. Visit us to learn more about the Allotment forms, Membership forms, and manual booking. We have the most knowledgeable and experienced team to advise you in your area of interest.

Past, Present, and Future Profitability:

Prices are rapidly rising on a daily basis. There is a significant difference between the pre-launch rates at this time, and prices will rise when construction begins.

Salient features of Rudn Enclave:

  • Reasonably priced installment plans.
  • A tranquil setting.
  • Atmosphere devoid of pollution.
  • Infrastructure that is appropriate.
  • Medical facilities.
  • Educational Institutes of High Quality.
  • The location is safe and secure.
  • Playground/Parks.
  • Electricity, gas, and water are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why Rudn Enclave?

Perfect location:

The RUDN enclave is designed in an outstanding location with unrivaled connectivity, including the Rawalpindi ring road interchange, M2, GT Road, Rawat Chakbeli Road, Chakri Road, and Adyala Road.

Project managed by a company:

RMRSCO, an ISO-certified organization, has engaged market leaders in design and planning, such as NESPAK, and will venture for market lead teams in development.

Project management and standards:

Through the NESPAK, Rudn Enclave provides the highest standards in project planning and delivery.

Team of developers:

UPDL, Al-Haq Builders & Developers, and New Leafs are well-known teams involved in RUDN Enclave construction.


The Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is a well-known affordable housing development known for its magnificent infrastructure, distinctive architecture, and flexible payment options. The owners and designers are working hard to create a welcoming environment with high-quality infrastructure. Rudn Enclave provides excellent investment options.

The value of the plots is likely to rise with the completion of the Rawalpindi Ring Road. The new entrance off Chakri Road improves the housing venture's accessibility.

Now is the best time to invest in Rudn Enclave to get benefit from its matchless amenities after getting to know each requirement in detail experts, and for that, our professionals are here to help you out in every way. You can visit us directly at our address or call to book a meeting.