Qurtaba City Islamabad Introduction

Qurtaba City Islamabad is a unique housing society, especially based on religious principles and beliefs. The housing society is also for clients with less income or who cannot afford to invest in expensive housing societies like Capital Smart City, Park View City, Taj Residencia, Eighteen housing society, Blue World City, and Bahria Town. So, Qurtaba City offers them residential plots at the best market competitive rates.

Furthermore, the housing society is less a housing project and more a community built based on brotherhood, peace, harmony, and Islamic values. The developers of the Qurtaba want it to be a social and cultural hub for its residents where they can practice norms and values that are part of their culture. However, developers facilitate the clients with modern facilities and amenities using the golden rules of Islam.

You must know how the developers got the name Qurtaba City. The present city, "Corodoba" in Spain, was once known as Qurtaba in its early stages, and the developers got the inspiration from there. At that time, the city was the center of great and renowned Scientists, Architects, Doctors, and Scholars. The idea of many developments works in the housing society like a paved road, street lights, footpaths, and indoor toilets. However, you can say that Qurtaba City Islamabad housing society reflects the old Qurtaba City in the eighth century in Spain.

The Developers of Qurtaba City

The developer of Qurtaba City is Madinatul-Ilm. As discussed above, Qurtaba City mainly focuses on facilitating middle- and lower-class clients. So, the Madinatul-Ilm is a non-profit organization registered with SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan). Qurtaba City is the only housing society in Islamabad based on supporting poor people to have their properties.

Qurtaba City Location

Qurtaba City Location is easily accessible as it is located on the motorway Chakri Interchange at the Potohar Valley. The residents of the housing society can experience a tranquil life in a calm and peaceful environment. Qurtaba City is located between the rivers of Sill and Sawan. However, the Islamabad International Airport is only at a distance of 25 minutes.

As you know, location plays a magnificent role in the importance of any housing society; undoubtedly, as per location, Qurtaba City is the best option for investment in real estate in Islamabad.

Qurtaba City Islamabad Map

You can easily find and visit the housing society using Qurtaba City Islamabad Map. The location point is clearly shown on the map, and you can see all the routes you can easily reach the housing society. However, to book your plot in Qurtaba City, you can also visit our office in Islamabad.


Furthermore, as seen in the Qurtaba City map, you can easily reach the housing society from Rawalpindi Sadar through Dhamial Road and Lahore Islamabad Motorway. A 100ft wide road called Qurtaba Road (clearly shown in the location map of Qurtaba City) beside Chakri Interchange Motorway will lead you to the housing society.

Qurtaba City NOC

After the NOC approval, a housing society can start construction work legally. As you can see, construction work is started in the housing society, so the Qurtaba City NOC is approved under the registration number NOC/TMO/105. After acquiring legal status, the housing societies are safe for investment. So, your investment in residential plots in Qurtaba City Islamabad is safe and secure.

Qurtaba City Master Plan

The Qurtaba City master plan is technically decided to develop the housing society into a model structure. For this purpose, the housing society has acquired land of 7000 Kanal, surrounded by beautiful locations. The total area of 7000 Kanal in Qurtaba City Islamabad is divided into zones. The residents living in the zones will be benefited from all the facilities and amenities available in the housing society.

Furthermore, the development work in all zones is in progress; however, zone 1 is near completion. All the zones are connected via wide carpeted roads of 100 ft to 300 ft. There will be a grand mosque in each zone. For the community gathering on a festival like Ramadan or Eid, there will be a Jamia Mosque in the center of the housing society.

Qurtaba City Islamabad Payment Plan

5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots are available in Qurtaba City. You can buy the plots at affordable prices in 2 years in easy installments. The Qurtaba City Islamabad plot prices are very low compared to other housing societies.

Qurtaba City 5 Marla residential plot price is only PKR 2,500,000. You can book the plot at a down payment of only PKR 500,000 and pay the rest in 2-year installments.

Similarly, the down payment for booking a 10-marla residential plot in Qurtaba City is only PKR 700,000. However, the total price of the plot is PKR 3,500,000.

After booking a residential plot of 1 Kanal in Qurtaba City, you can live with your families at a down payment of only PKR 1,000,000.

Qurtaba City Islamabad also offers you commercial plots at reasonable prices. Investment in commercial plots can give you high outcomes in the future. Commercial plots are available for sale in 2 categories 8 marla and 5.3 marlas. Qurtaba City Islamabad 8 marla commercial plot price is PKR 12,000,000. The down payment for the commercial plot is PKR 2,400,000, and you can pay the remaining amount in easy installments.

The price of a 5.33 commercial plot in Qurtaba City is PKR 5,330,000, but you can book the plot at a down payment of only PKR 1,066,000. According to Qurtaba City's new update, the prices will hike, so invest now to get the best profitable investment.

Facilities and Amenities in Qurtaba City

Qurtaba City Islamabad has surpassed all the other housing societies in providing exceptional facilities to its residents. You can find all the basic and luxurious living facilities in the housing society. As the housing society is built based on providing modern infrastructure, while living there, you can feel the real joy of a lavish life. In the ideal location, the affordable payment plan and natural environment make the housing society unique and the perfect option for investors. Here are some of the facilities available for its residents in Qurtaba City Islamabad.

Jamia Mosque

As we discussed above, each sector will have a mosque for the residents. However, the developers of the housing society will also construct a Jamia Mosque in the center of the housing society, where many Muslims will offer their prayers. Approximately the Jamia mosque in Qurtaba City will cover an area of 190 kanal. The design of the Jamia Mosque will be according to the modern infrastructure.

Qurtaba International University

Qurtaba City will be the center of top-class education. For this purpose, there will be an international standard education institution Qurtaba International University. The institution will cover almost 700 Kanal and epitomize excellence and modern infrastructure. There will be local and international education experts who will be serving the residents of the housing society. The university will be providing education based on advanced learning techniques. Students will be learning in diverse fields of knowledge, particularly modern science and information technology.

Sewerage System

The best sewerage system is installed in the housing society to take away all the wastewater from the housing society. Sometimes in housing societies, when there is no proper sewerage system, the residents face many problems. So, the developers of the housing society installed wide pipes to let the water go away easily.


Qurtaba City developers will never compromise on the security of its residents. For this purpose, CCTVs are installed on every corner of the blocks in the housing society. Also, the entrance gates are guarded by armed and trained guards.

Water resources

Living a basic life in a housing society will be difficult without water resources. So, Qurtaba City will construct large water tanks to provide the residents with fresh drinking water.

Eco-Friendly environment

The society is located among beautiful and lush green surrounding. So, while living in the housing society, you will feel the real joy of living in an eco-friendly environment. The green surrounding of Qurtaba City keeps the environment of the housing society very pleasing and appealing.

Underground Electricity

Qurtaba City Islamabad will be providing its residents with the facility of underground electricity to avoid any interruption. There will also be heavy generators for electricity backup in case of any unwanted situation.  

Park and Zoo

Qurtaba City is the best place for you and your children. You take some time off from your busy life and freshen your mind while sitting in the park that will be available in the housing society. However, there will also be a zoo for your children in the housing society in Islamabad.


In the housing society, top-class restaurants will provide you with elegant and excellent dining services. Sometimes, you need to go out and taste some delicious dishes. The restaurants in Qurtaba City will be a hub of traditional and Western foods.

Health Facilities

The housing society developer paid special attention to providing its residents with standard health facilities. They have planned the construction of world-class hospitals in the housing society. There, the residents will benefit from the services of experienced doctors.

Salient features of Qurtaba City

  • 138, 272, and 500 Sq. Yard Plots
  • Qurtaba International University
  • River-side Development
  • Woman-only Commercial Area
  • Safari Park, Zoo & Theme Park
  • Business Centers
  • Markets in Every Sector
  • 200 Kanal Grand Jamiah Mosque
  • 300 Ft. Wide Main Boulevard & 200 Ft. Wide Roads
  • A 70-Kanal Commercial Area
  • Community Club
  • Underground Electricity
  • Secure Gated Community
  • Eco-friendly Environment
  • Maintenance and Integrated Security
  • Sewerage System
  • Solid Waste Management and Disposal Systems

Why invest in Qurtaba City Islamabad

After reading about the facilities and amenities in Qurtaba City, one would barely avoid investment in the housing society. However, there also could be other reasons to invest in Qurtaba City Islamabad. First of all, the payment plan of the housing society is very affordable and reasonable, and it offers you residential and commercial plots in easy quarterly installments.

Furthermore, Pakistan's first housing society planned to establish a separate commercial area for women shopping. Women can purchase every item they need without any interruption. It is the only housing society mainly focusing on its residents' welfare. Countless other reasons can convince you to invest in Qurtaba City.

How to book a plot in Qurtaba City, Islamabad?

You can easily book a plot in Qurtaba City by visiting its office in Islamabad. You can also book your plot online by visiting the official website of Qurtaba City Islamabad. However, you will require to have these documents.

Required Documents for booking your plot:

  • 2 passport-size photographs
  • 2 photocopies of your ID card
  • 2 photocopies of the ID card of your next of kin


Qurtaba City is one of the finest housing societies in Islamabad. Investment in the housing society can give you the opportunity to live a happy life and expect high returns after investment in commercial properties. Contact us now for booking and for more latest updates about any housing society subscribe to our youtube channel.