PECHS Islamabad Introduction

The Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS) Islamabad is an iconic housing society suitably located near major transportation routes such as the N-80, Islamabad International Airport, and the M-14 Motorway. The society was launched in 1989 and was built by the well-known developer EXTOL. PECHS is RDA-approved and offers a wide range of residential, business, and farmstead properties.

The society is envisioned to be the best investment opportunity in Islamabad and the best long-term investment potential in the vicinity. PECHS provides worldwide standards, unrivaled security, and high-quality infrastructure development, making it an ideal living place near Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

PECHS is designed to meet the needs of people from all walks of life, with a range of plot sizes to suit individual requirements. The society also has luxurious amenities such as parks, mosques, hospitals, schools, and marketplaces.

PECHS's distinguishing features, such as its well-known developers, international standards, flawless security, and high-quality infrastructure development, make it an outstanding investment prospect for people seeking a secure and modern living environment. Overall, PECHS provides a one-of-a-kind living experience in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Owners and Developers of Pechs Islamabad

PECHS (Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society) in Islamabad was built by EXTOL Pvt. Ltd, a company that has been working on international standards for many years. PECHS's creators have worked long hours and put in a lot of effort to establish a society that satisfies the highest standards of luxury living.

PECHS is no exception to EXTOL Pvt. Ltd.’s reputation for delivering high-quality projects. The organization has worked relentlessly to guarantee that every part of society is designed and built to the greatest standards, employing only the finest materials and cutting-edge construction processes.

Mr. Gohar Rabbani Awan, the director of EXTOL, is in charge of certifying the sale of plots to investors. He has played a key role in bringing PECHS to fruition, supervising all aspects of the development process.

PECHS's owners and developers began the project with a definite vision in mind. They wished to establish a housing society that was both luxurious and inexpensive, accommodating investors of various sizes. The developers put great care into keeping pricing within the reach of modest investors.

PECHS Islamabad NOC

The Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS) is a registered society under the management of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and the Registrar Cooperative Housing Societies Department of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). The RDA has granted the society the requisite No Objection Certificate (NOC), which is a critical aspect in assuring the success, completion, and timely delivery of housing societies to investors.

The NOC is a legal document that verifies that the housing society complies with the RDA's rules and requirements. Before beginning the development process, any housing society must get a NOC from the relevant regulatory authority. The NOC guarantees that the housing society has met all of the regulations for land use, planning, infrastructure, and environmental effect, among other things.

The fact that PECHS has got a NOC from the RDA means that it has met all the essential criteria and has been authorized as a valid and lawful housing society. This offers investors greater confidence in investing in society, knowing that their investments are protected and that the society will be completed within the stated timeline.

Pechs Islamabad Location

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS) is an excellently situated society in Islamabad, Pakistan. Its convenient position near the N-80, Islamabad International Airport, and the M-14 Motorway makes it an appealing investment prospect.


The main entrance of the society is currently located on Fateh Jang Road, next to the PAF Fazaia Housing Society Tarnol. This position allows easy access to the airport, which is only 1 kilometer away from the society's K block. PECHS will also have a second entry from the Srinagar Highway Extension through Mumtaz City, connecting the Mumtaz City neighborhood to the PECHS K-Extension Block. This access point, however, is not yet fully constructed.

PECHS Islamabad is around 25 kilometers from Islamabad's zero point and is simply a 30-minute drive from the Kashmir Highway. Furthermore, the community is merely a 15-minute drive from Islamabad's Motorway Chowk.

Islamabad's sector H-19 is located to the east of PECHS Islamabad, while the new Islamabad International Airport is located to the south of the community. There are also proposals for a boulevard to connect Kashmir Highway to PECHS's Jinnah Avenue, which will serve as the society's main entrance.

The prominent location of PECHS Islamabad and easy access to essential transportation links make it an ideal investment prospect for anyone wishing to engage in the Islamabad real estate market.

Pechs Accessibility Points

PECHS Islamabad is a beautiful housing society that provides its residents with a variety of residential and business assets. Its accessibility is one of the primary features that makes it an appealing option for potential residents and businesses. PECHS Islamabad is easily accessible via numerous modes of transportation:

  • It is conveniently positioned near N-80, one of Islamabad's major thoroughfares. PECHS Islamabad is roughly four minutes by automobile from N-80.
  • The housing society is around 15 minutes away from M-14, another significant motorway in Islamabad. This makes commuting to and from PECHS Islamabad more convenient.
  • PECHS Islamabad is roughly seven minutes from the M-1 Motorway and approximately eleven minutes from the M-2 Motorway. These highways connect Islamabad to other major cities in Pakistan, making travel to and from PECHS Islamabad easy.
  • The Srinagar Highway is conveniently present near PECHS Islamabad. The housing society is around a 12-minute drive from the Srinagar Highway.
  • Islamabad International Airport is around 15 minutes away from PECHS Islamabad. This is especially helpful for people who travel frequently and need to live close to the airport.

Pechs Islamabad Nearby Landmarks and Places

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS) is a residential development in Islamabad, Pakistan. The society is surrounded by many landmarks and sites that make it a great location for inhabitants who are looking for a well-connected and handy community.

  • One of the important roads that border PECHS Islamabad is N-80. It connects society to other parts of the city and is frequently used for everyday commuting by commuters.
  • M-14 is another significant road that runs through society. It connects the neighborhood to other important regions of the city and makes mobility simple and convenient.
  • Silver City is a housing development near PECHS Islamabad. The project provides inhabitants with modern amenities and services and is a popular alternative for those wishing to invest in real estate in the neighborhood.
  • Nova City is yet another residential development near PECHS Islamabad. The development includes contemporary infrastructure, recreational facilities, and a variety of housing alternatives.
  • Top City-1 is an apartment complex near Islamabad International Airport. It has a variety of residential options and is well-connected to the rest of the city via the highway network.
  • Another housing community near PECHS Islamabad is Faisal Town. The society provides a variety of housing alternatives as well as contemporary infrastructure and facilities.
  • Mumtaz City is a residential development near Islamabad International Airport. The project provides a variety of residential options and is well-connected to other regions of the city via the city's highway network.
  • The M-1 and M-2 motorways form a ring around PECHS Islamabad. They link the neighborhood to the rest of the country and make transportation simple and comfortable for people.
  • The Srinagar Highway connects Islamabad to other parts of the country. The highway runs right next to PECHS Islamabad, making transit simple and comfortable for inhabitants.
  • Seven Wonders City is a housing development near PECHS Islamabad. The development includes contemporary infrastructure, recreational facilities, and a variety of housing alternatives.
  • PECHS Islamabad is adjacent to Islamabad International Airport. The airport serves as a significant hub for international and domestic flights and provides travelers with a variety of facilities and services.

Pechs Islamabad Masterplan

A team of skilled professionals devised the master plan for the Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS) in Islamabad with the purpose of developing a high-quality residential community. The society is 5200 Kanal in size and is built to satisfy international standards.

The society is divided into numerous blocks to ensure better management, namely PECHS Blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K1, K2, L, and M. Parks, mosques, schools, hospitals, and commercial districts are designed for each block to offer inhabitants with vital amenities and services.

PECHS provides a diverse range of residential plots to meet the diverse demands and budgets of its residents. There are many plot sizes available, including 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. Each plot is designed to provide optimum privacy and comfort while encouraging community living.

PECHS Islamabad's master plan is intended to give inhabitants a comfortable and easy lifestyle while also encouraging community living. Because of its strategic position, good infrastructure, and modern amenities, the society is an excellent alternative for individuals wishing to acquire property in the capital city.


Pechs Islamabad Payment Plan

PECHS Islamabad has different plot sizes in each block. PECHS Islamabad's payment pricing is appealing, with a flexible installment plan that makes it even more affordable to potential buyers. For updated prices contact us.




Facilities and Amenities in Pechs Islamabad


PECHS (Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society) is a sophisticated and luxury residential society located in Islamabad. The society is intended to give inhabitants a comfortable and environmentally friendly living environment at a reasonable cost. The developers have set aside a considerable portion of the land for green spaces such as parks, which add to the overall beauty of society.

PECHS is Eco-Friendly

One of the primary elements of PECHS is its commitment to being eco-friendly. The society provides a close-to-nature setting that is uncommon in Pakistani housing complexes.

Clean Water in PECHS

Society has also considered the residents' water needs and will build reservoirs to store enormous amounts of water for everyday use. Filtration plants will also be built to ensure that residents have safe drinking water.

Medical Facilities at PECHS

PECHS likewise focuses on its citizens' health needs. Within the society, the developers have built cutting-edge international hospitals and clinics. These medical facilities will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with staff and doctors on hand to provide emergency care and treatment.

Commercial hub in PECHS

The commercial hub is another essential component of PECHS. The society provides an all-in-one business area where residents can meet all of their commercial needs. The society is also a gated community, which ensures inhabitants' protection.

PECHS is highly Secure

The security system is outfitted with 24-hour CCTV cameras and other surveillance technology to provide total security. Society is surrounded by a barrier wall with a flawless mechanism to ensure high levels of safety.

Excellent development of Roads and Streets

PECHS also has excellent road infrastructure. The major boulevards and streets are large and spacious, lending a wonderful appearance to society. The entrance gate is also aesthetically beautiful, adding to the overall splendor of the society.

Sports and Education Facilities at PECHS

The society also offers a sports facility with indoor and outdoor facilities, giving people a variety of physical activity opportunities. Within the society, an education complex is also being built to ensure that inhabitants have access to high-quality education.

All Basic Necessities

PECHS has underground electrification, sewerage, and waste disposal systems, and provides clean water, gas, and electricity for residents. The society is also dedicated to preserving the community's general beauty and functionality, with regular maintenance services given.


PECHS Islamabad is an outstanding residential society that offers modern and elegant facilities and amenities at reasonable prices. The developers have considered the needs that individuals have, ensuring that they enjoy an eco-friendly environment, pure water, the latest medical facilities, and commercial and educational buildings for business and educational facilities.

Furthermore, the society has 24-hour security, a magnificent mosque, sports facilities, and high-quality road infrastructure. Overall, PECHS Islamabad is a fantastic choice for people looking for a comfortable and secure living environment in Pakistan's capital city. To get the latest updates visit our youtube channel.