New City Wah Introduction

The New City Wah Housing Society is a premier residential society in Wah, Pakistan. The TMA-Wah-approved society is being created by reputable developers in the area and offers a variety of modern and well-equipped residences with excellent amenities. The housing society is divided into two phases, each with several blocks, and is designed to suit the needs and aspirations of modern families and people.

The project's phase 2 was recently launched, and it has received high appreciation from investors for its prime location and investment prospects. New City Wah, located near Taxila and adjacent to the M-1 Motorway, allows inhabitants with quick access to key highways and monuments. With its gorgeous surroundings and devotion to quality, the society provides an ideal lifestyle, making it an appealing location for families and people looking for a pleasant and convenient home.

New City Wah is an excellent investment opportunity due to the availability of plots for sale at reasonable costs. There is something for everyone in the society's housing options, which include big apartments, charming townhouses, and elegant villas. New City Wah Housing Society is the ideal alternative for anyone looking for a new home or an investment opportunity.

New City Wah Developers and Owners

New City Wah is developed by a team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. Chaudhry Qamar Zaman, the owner, and developer of the New City Wah Housing Society leads the company. This cutting-edge residential enterprise is intended to provide inhabitants with modern and well-equipped residences, as well as a variety of premium amenities and services that provide a comfortable and easy existence.

New City Wah's developers are committed to providing high-quality houses and community facilities that satisfy the demands of modern families and individuals. They aspire to establish a flourishing and living community that provides residents with a stable culture of growth and development by focusing on innovation, excellence, luxury, and variety. The community is intended to foster a healthy living environment and is a sought-after destination for those who want to do something different in their lives.                                   

New City Wah NOC

The New City Wah Housing Society's No Objection Certificate (NOC# 705/TMAH) is a vital document that certifies the project's legality. According to sources, the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) of Wah has accepted the NOC. However, before making any investment decisions, it is usually essential to confirm such information with the official management of the housing society.

Investing in a legally recognized residential project is usually a good idea since it ensures that the investment is safe and that the project has been approved by the appropriate authorities. The NOC of New City Wah Housing Society is significant for investors since it ensures that the project is in accordance with local rules and regulations and that residents will be able to take advantage of the society's entire range of amenities and services.

A formal NOC also assures that the project is being built with the approved designs and is safe for residents to live in. This can provide investors peace of mind and ensure that their money is secure for years to come.

Location of New City Wah

New City Wah is located in Wah, Pakistan, next to the M-1 Motorway. It is close to Taxila as well as other key city landmarks. The location is well-connected to the neighboring communities and has easy access to main transportation links. This great location allows people to live in a serene setting while yet having easy access to the city's attractions, companies, and services.


The lovely surroundings of New City Wah Housing Society provide inhabitants with a peaceful and natural setting to call home. Residents can enjoy a tranquil and calm living experience thanks to its gorgeous and well-manicured surroundings. Whether you prefer an urban or rural lifestyle, New City Wah Housing Society offers the ideal blend of the two, delivering a pleasant and convenient living environment in a beautiful and natural location.

New City Wah Accessibility Points


New City Wah is perfectly positioned near several notable landmarks, attractions, and transportation hubs, providing inhabitants with quick access to the amenities they require. Some of the accessibility points of New City Wah are:

  • M-1 Motorway - Adjacent to the housing society
  • Taxila - Approximately 10 minutes drive from the housing society.
  • Wah Cantonment - An approximately 15-minute drive from the housing society.
  • Wah Gardens - Approximately 20 minutes drive from the housing society.
  • Rawalpindi - Approximately 30 minutes drive from the housing society.
  • Islamabad - Approximately 45 minutes drive from the housing society.
  • Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange: approximately 5 minutes away
  • Brahma Jhang Bahtar Road: approximately 5 minutes away
  • Quaid Avenue: approximately 17 minutes away
  • N-125: approximately 25 minutes away
  • M-2 Motorway: approximately 25 minutes away

New City Wah Nearby Places and Landmarks


New City Wah is connected to several notable landmarks and facilities, including:

  • New City Arcade Wah Cantt - This shopping mall provides locals with a choice of retail and dining alternatives.
  • Wah City - A nearby city known for its cultural and historical significance.
  • Taxila City - A tourist-friendly historical city located near New City Wah.
  • Islamabad, Pakistan's capital city, is around 45 minutes away from New City Wah.
  • Rawalpindi - A city near Islamabad noted for its bustling bazaars and rich cultural legacy.
  • Hassan Abdal - A city famous for its historical landmarks and religious sites.
  • POF Golf Club - A golf club near New City Wah that gives sports enthusiasts recreational options.
  • New City Wah Cantt - The region surrounding New City Wah has a variety of shopping and dining alternatives.
  • Hitec University Taxila - A well-known university in the vicinity of New City Wah that provides a variety of academic degrees.
  • COMSATS University Wah - A university in New City Wah that provides a variety of academic programs.
  • Heavy Mechanical Complex - A big industrial complex that is essential to the local economy and is located near New City Wah.
  • Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF) - A big manufacturing company near New City Wah that contributes significantly to the local economy.
  • University of Engineering & Technology Wah (UET Wah) - A reputable university near New City Wah that provides a variety of engineering majors.

New City Wah Masterplan

New City Wah's master plan is intended to meet the needs and demands of modern living. It offers a diverse range of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, with an emphasis on sustainability, accessibility, and convenience. The masterplan has been meticulously designed to guarantee that inhabitants have access to all of the necessary amenities and services, while also enjoying a tranquil and harmonious living environment.


New City Wah's concept is genuinely a vision of modern living, providing residents with a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, and affordability. Whether you are seeking a new home or simply a neighborhood that provides a comfortable and easy way of life, New City Wah is the ideal choice. Subscribe to our youtube channel for the latest development updates.

In addition, the housing plans include a variety of residential and commercial properties. And here are the specifics:

New City Wah Phase 1:

New City Wah Phase 1 provides all of the amenities required for modern living. Several families have already relocated to society and are leading peaceful yet secure lives. In the shape of multiple residential plots of varying sizes, Phase 1 provides the best investment and residential prospects.

Residential Plots in New City Wah Phase 1: It provides residential plots in the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla 
  • 7 Marla 
  • 10 Marla 

New City Wah Phase 2:

Phase 2 of New City Wah, which opened in 2006, provides a cutting-edge living experience at a reasonable price. It rapidly became popular among investors and continues to create interest as its properties sell swiftly. For individuals seeking a sophisticated and convenient lifestyle, the Executive Block of Phase 2 is a popular investment choice. Phase 2 is made up of several blocks with a variety of residential and business properties available.

Residential Plots in New City Wah Phase 2: The following residential plots are available in various sizes:

  • 5 Marla 
  • 7 Marla 
  • 10 Marla 

Commercial Plots in New City Wah Phase 2: The following commercial plots are available in various sizes:

  • 4 Marla 

New City Arcade Center:

New City Arcade Center is said to have the world's largest waterfall as well as commercial living standards. Local and international brands are available at the retail facilities. The businesses and apartments at New City Arcade Center are available to investors with flexible payment plans.


New City Wah Business Square:

The housing scheme offers the best chances for business and investment. It is an ideal business and commercial center for the society's residents. You can buy your favorite brands. The Business Square is for those who wish to make a lot of money with minimal investments.

New City Wah Overseas Block:

The Overseas Block is ideal for Pakistanis who have lived overseas and now desire to live the same lifestyle on their turf. The building is strategically positioned in a prominent area of the housing society. Several residential plots of various sizes are available in New Wah City's Overseas Block, as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla

New City Wah Payment Plans

Payment plans for New City Wah differ based on the type of property and phase it is in. To meet the demands of its prospective buyers, New City Wah offers flexible and inexpensive payment plans. Payment plans usually feature a down payment followed by installments spaced out over time.

The payment plans for New City Wah are given below:

New City Wah Facilities and Amenities

New City Wah is a sophisticated residential society that provides its residents with a variety of facilities and amenities. The following are some of the most important services and amenities provided by society:

Security: The safety of its people is of the utmost importance to New City Wah. To protect the safety and well-being of its residents, it has installed cutting-edge security systems and employs skilled people.

Transit: The society provides its people with easy access to transportation. Residents may easily commute to other parts of the city due to its accessibility to main roads and highways.

Power and Gas Supply: New City Wah has a consistent supply of electricity and gas, ensuring that its people have access to critical commodities at all times.

Water Supply: The society has a safe and well-maintained water supply system that ensures a steady supply of clean drinking water for its residents.

Parks and Playgrounds: New City Wah offers well-kept parks and playgrounds that provide inhabitants with a calm and pleasant atmosphere in which to relax and unwind.


Shopping Centers and Markets: The society has some shopping centers and markets, allowing people easy access to needed commodities and services.

Educational Institutions: A variety of educational institutions are located in New City Wah, giving people access to quality education for themselves and their children


Health Care Services: Many well-equipped medical institutions and hospitals provide convenient access to quality health care services.

Mosque: New City Wah has a mosque, which allows citizens to perform their religious duties with ease and convenience.

Waste Management: The society has a well-planned waste management system in place to keep the environment clean and sanitary for its residents.

New City Wah Salient Features

The salient features of New City Wah are as follows:

  • Affordable Residential & Commercial Opportunities
  • Excellent Accessibility to Key Locations
  • Comprehensive 24/7 Security Measures
  • Efficient Maintenance Services
  • Adequate Water Resources & Supply
  • Wide & Beautifully Landscaped Streets (50ft)
  • Impressive Entrance & Community Design
  • High-Quality Development Standards
  • Reliable Utilities (Water, Gas, Electricity)
  • Eco-friendly Community Features
  • State-of-the-art Swimming Pool
  • Efficient Sewerage & Waste Disposal System
  • Advanced Infrastructure Development & Facilities

Why Invest in New City Wah?

Individuals looking to invest in real estate will find the New City Wah project to be an attractive investment opportunity. This project has a number of appealing features and benefits, including:

  • Environmental Sustainability: The development has been constructed with environmental sustainability in mind, creating a harmonious relationship between residents and the surrounding environment.
  • Affordable Housing: New City Wah offers spacious properties at a budget-friendly price point, making them accessible to a wide range of potential buyers.
  • Prime Location: The project is in a highly desirable region of Lahore, with convenient access to essential transportation linkages, commercial districts, and other key facilities.
  • Affluent Amenities: The property features a number of high-end amenities and services, such as state-of-the-art swimming pools and world-class infrastructure, to provide residents with comfortable and luxurious living.
  • Trusted Developers: As New City Wah is being developed by well-known and renowned developers, investors can have further reassurance and trust in their investment.
  • World-Class Infrastructure Development: To ensure that inhabitants have access to all of the facilities they require, the development includes top-quality infrastructure such as well-maintained roads, adequate water resources, and dependable electricity and gas supplies.


New City Wah is a magnificent residential project that is being developed with one goal in mind: to give inhabitants a world-class opulent lifestyle. This project's key attractions are its luxurious facilities, affordability, and great location. If you are looking for one of the top housing societies in Pakistan, this is the prudent decision that will provide the best return on investment.

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