Islamabad Golf City Introduction

Islamabad Golf City is a brand-new contemporary-day housing society withinside the town of Islamabad. Golf City Islamabad is a present-day well-deliberate assignment with many attractive capabilities and cutting-edge services. Islamabad Golf City, that's easily positioned close to the Thalian Interchange will speedy emerge as a famous vicinity to stay and invest.

Islamabad Golf City is a gated network with the maximum present-day safety machine providing you with peace of thoughts with 24-hour get admission through your smartphone. Islamabad Golf City is a well-deliberate assignment with several attractive factors and all the maximum up-to-date contemporary-day services.

Furthermore, the truth that the New Airport is only some mins away provides fee in investor’s eyes due to the fact Islamabad Golf City’s location becomes a middle financial hobby withinside the future. Islamabad Golf City society will speedy advantage recognition amongst folks who are seeking out proper funding options.

Islamabad Golf City is a primary housing initiative in Islamabad that gives quality residential and industrial homes. People in recent times are looking to enhance their existence and upload luxury to their lives. Most importantly they're trying to find residencies as a good way to make their lives greater lovely. In instances of need, while human beings are trying to find such items, there are only some carriers, and people who provide them don’t appear to be as much as par so the human beings aren’t happy with their performance.


All of those elements are taken into consideration at Islamabad Golf City. Islamabad is a brilliant luxurious assignment this is prepared with contemporary-day dwelling services and adheres to international dwelling standards. It’s a kind of best network to a degree, with all the simple and lavish services for its citizens and if you’re looking for funding, you’ve in reality come to the appropriate place for deciding on Islamabad Golf City.

Islamabad Golf City builders have maintained the entirety very specific even as running on homes so that everybody can stay a healthful way of life with lots of services.

According to modern-day trends, the architectural layout of the Islamabad Golf City housing scheme is especially attractive, taking pictures of the eye of a huge range of human beings. Islamabad Golf City might be one of the maximum essential and appropriate tasks in Islamabad with all sorts of current centers, safety, and services.

Islamabad Golf City is a high-cease luxurious asset that mixes buying and selling and innovation. Islamabad Golf City is the maximum essential industrial assignment in a town from its idea to its completion. It’s a kind of delusion network to a degree with all of the vital and outstanding centers for its citizens and if you’re looking for funding, you’re searching in the proper place as anticipated with the aid of deciding on Islamabad Golf City.

Islamabad Golf City Developers and Owners

Mr. Muhammad Usman Khan, the developer of several well-known projects such as Capital Smart City, designed and manages Islamabad Golf City. The Islamabad Golf City housing development's developers have previously completed a number of notable projects and are focused on generating verifiable and quantifiable marketing and advertising results. In recent years, they have launched a number of the most promising and amazing initiatives, and the Islamabad Golf City project is also one of their top-tier projects.

The society is built to satisfy international standards of modern living, making it an appealing alternative for both domestic and international customers. The project was created with sustainability in mind, integrating environmentally friendly technologies and resources to reduce its carbon footprint.

Islamabad Golf City Location

Location is one of the aspects that buyers examine while shopping for a house, land, or advertising business since it affects their lives in a variety of ways. However, there is no need to be concerned about the location of Islamabad Golf City because it is located in one of the most favorable regions in the region.


Islamabad Golf City is located near the Islamabad International Airport and the Thalian Interchange on the M2 Lahore-Islamabad Highway. Golf City Islamabad is a gated community with a cutting-edge revolutionary security system that offers you peace of mind by providing a secure environment around the clock and is easily accessible via your smartphone.

It is close to the Islamabad Thalian Interchange and the Lahore Motorway M2. Islamabad Golf City is also only a few kilometers away from the New Islamabad International Airport. Furthermore, the area is already surrounded by several newly built housing societies.

Islamabad Golf City Accessibilities


Islamabad Golf City enjoys excellent connectivity and can be easily accessed from the following points:

  • M-2 Motorway (5 minutes)
  • Airport Avenue (5 minutes)
  • Islamabad International Airport (11 minutes)
  • Srinagar Highway (12 minutes)
  • Rawalpindi-Kohat Road (15 minutes)
  • N-80 (17 minutes)
  • Fatima Jinnah University (21 minutes)
  • Thalian Interchange (5 minutes)

These accessibility points offer quick and convenient access to major cities, airports, highways, and popular destinations.

Islamabad Golf City Nearby Landmarks


Islamabad Golf City is in a superb location, surrounded by many well-known sites and destinations. Residents have easy access to a variety of critical resources, including hospitals, schools, universities, and commercial centers. Following are some of the nearby landmarks and places:

Islamabad Golf City NOC Status

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) is an important document that serves as a permit for the development and construction of a real estate project. Any housing society must obtain a NOC from the appropriate authorities to guarantee that the project is legally allowed and meets all safety and quality criteria.

The Islamabad Golf City Housing Society has been working with the relevant authorities to ensure that all necessary regulations are completed and that the developers are in the process of acquiring their NOC. The society has already received preliminary permissions and is nearing the end of the process of obtaining its NOC. The authorities are anticipated to give the NOC soon, allowing the project to proceed as planned.

Obtaining a NOC is an important step in any real estate development project. It not only ensures the project's legality but also aids in the development of trust and confidence among potential buyers and investors. The anticipated acquisition of the Islamabad Golf City Housing Society's NOC is a great step that will boost the project's legitimacy and worth. Once the NOC is obtained, the developers will be free to concentrate on the project's construction, with the goal of completing it on time and to the greatest quality standards.

Islamabad Golf City Master Plan

The master plan of Golf City is highly well-designed and based ensuing in a panoramic sight because of its best location, present-day and superior amenities, and modern-day planning.

Islamabad Golf City is one of all Islamabad’s quality actual property projects. It is a super region for assets funding and authorizing an enterprise in Islamabad. The assignment Golf City Islamabad is designed in a manner to offer each area of interest of dwelling via means of providing residential plots, business plots, and plenty of greater facilities. 

Islamabad Golf City is providing residential plots withinside the sizes of five Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal on a 30-month installment plan and business plots of numerous sizes may also be to be had withinside the close to the future. For regular updates you can visit our channel.

It offers a range of residential plots: 

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Islamabad Golf City Payment Plan

Islamabad Golf City offers fashionable residential and business plots. Islamabad Golf City is a mega housing project in Islamabad, an incredible town making plans and cutting-edge tendencies upload extra cost and allure to Islamabad Golf City assignment.



Prices are one of the essential worries of every person who thinks of investing in assets in such an expensive housing scheme. The Islamabad Golf City gives all of the buyers rather reasonable, flexible, and smooth price plans. It’s set up with very particular and updated developments at the same time as immolating each form of ease to people.

Islamabad Golf City is a today's and growing assignment consequently each residential and business residences are to be had in installments. The price plans no longer seem to be introduced in Islamabad Golf City, however, it's glaring that each of those plots is obtainable in 3 or 5-year installments.

Facilities and Amenities

Islamabad Golf City Housing Society is built to provide its residents with an extraordinary standard of living by offering a variety of world-class facilities and services. The organization provides a wide range of services to meet the requirements of its residents. 
Islamabad Golf City provides the following important facilities and amenities:

Golf Course and Clubhouse: Islamabad Golf City caters to golf aficionados, with a world-class 18-hole golf course spanning acres of land. The golf course was built by top worldwide specialists and includes cutting-edge facilities such as a clubhouse with restaurants, a pro shop, and locker rooms.

Gated Community: The society is a gated community with 24-hour security, protecting the residents' safety and security. Security personnel is highly trained and outfitted with cutting-edge security equipment such as CCTV cameras, security checkpoints, and surveillance systems.

Commercial Zone: Islamabad Golf City is a designated commercial zone with a variety of retail outlets and business facilities. Shopping centers, restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, and other important services are located in the commercial zone, giving residents with easy access to all of their requirements.

Education and Healthcare: The society's facilities include a variety of educational and healthcare institutions, including top-rated schools, colleges, and universities. The society also has a cutting-edge hospital that is outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology and staffed by highly qualified medical personnel.

Parks & Playgrounds: Islamabad Golf City includes a variety of parks and playgrounds that provide a beautiful and tranquil setting for families to enjoy. Walking and jogging paths, sports fields, and children's play areas are among the amenities available in the parks and playgrounds.

Grand Mosque: Within the society's grounds is a magnificent and spacious mosque, offering inhabitants a convenient and tranquil place to pray and worship.

Electricity and water supply: The community has a consistent and uninterrupted supply of electricity and water, ensuring that inhabitants have constant access to these critical services.

Sewerage and Waste Management: Islamabad Golf City has a modern sewerage and waste management system in place to keep the community clean and sanitary. To reduce its environmental impact, society has established eco-friendly measures such as recycling and waste minimization.

Transit and Parking: The society provides convenient transportation and parking services, including taxis, buses, and private vehicles. The organization also offers plenty of parking places, ensuring that residents' automobiles are safe and secure.

Islamabad Golf City Document Required for Booking:


Salient Features of Islamabad Golf City

The following are the salient features of Islamabad Golf City:

  • Self-sustainable city
  • Urban agriculture
  • Renewable energy
  • Transport/Shuttle Service
  • Sports living society
  • Golf Range
  • Eco-friendly
  • Gated community
  • Healthcare facilities
  • 24/7 foolproof security
  • Smart waste management
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • 24/7 electricity, gas, and water

Why Invest in Islamabad Golf City?

Islamabad Golf City, which is located between the highway and the airport, represents the city's future. Islamabad Golf City is one of the closest communities to the airport, and there are other well-known locations nearby. Second, it is located behind I-16 and will soon be extended to the border of the federal capital.

Islamabad Golf City is bringing the true spirit of living to Islamabad by constructing a residential development in the heart of Pakistan. The developers have done an outstanding job in keeping 40% of the land green, which is especially beneficial for those who enjoy sports and want to live in harmony with nature.


Islamabad Golf City Housing Society provides a luxurious and pleasant living environment, complete with a variety of world-class amenities and conveniences. The society is designed to meet the various needs of its residents by providing a variety of services that make life here convenient and enjoyable.

Furthermore, the upcoming acquisition of the NOC of Islamabad Golf City Housing Society is expected to result in a large increase in property values. This makes it an ideal investment option for anyone wishing to buy property in a high-growth area.

In conclusion, Islamabad Golf City is a great place to live and invest due to its lavish amenities and the promise of significant returns on investment. It's no surprise that Islamabad Golf City is one of the most sought-after housing societies in the region, with its remarkable facilities such as a golf course, contemporary infrastructure, and top-rated educational and healthcare facilities.

Consult EFS Marketing to get accurate current pricing, NOC Situation, and purchasing guidelines of Islamabad Golf City.