Interior Designing Introduction

Firstly, interior design means the interior design of your home or the space in which you live. Almost everyone does. However, you should also consider office and home interior design services. Definitely hire an interior designer for commercial spaces. Therefore, hiring an interior designer for your space is also a good decision. When you want your home or office to look its best. Therefore, hiring an interior designer for your room is also a good decision.

So why not invest some money in making your home or commercial place look beautiful? After that, it's also best to hire an interior designer. Because a functional workplace refreshes the mind and gives employees and visitors a positive attitude.
Similarly, interior designers serve everyone's purpose. Even if you don't know where or how to start decorating and designing your home.

Or if you have an idea but need help putting it together. Or if you don't have time to implement the style. Therefore, to cater to your busy daily schedule we have the best room designers who can help you in converting your room into a dream room. One of the most important points is, design architects, save a lot of time and money and design spaces that exceed your expectations.

While designing an interior design, we keep the following steps as the foremost priority: 

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Designing
  • Auto CAD layouts
  • 3D perspectives 
  • Working Drawings 
  • Execution of Projects
  • Project management
  • Project execution (that includes  material as well as labor)
  • Designing furniture and rooms' design as per the requirements of your place. 

Considering these points, we are the best architects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. For more details you can visit our channel.

Design Process

The interior designing for homes and offices offered by us consists of the following main steps:


Our crew accompanies you to consider your singular needs. We consider all your color and style desires in addition to your budget for the project. Our crew likewise gives their recommendation and hints concerning the interior of your home and commission. Ultimately, we suggest a perfect room and office interior design keeping your requirements in consideration.


Taking correct calculations of the range before authorizing a chair is a critical step for all types of projects. Our crew takes exact calculations of your range and guides you concerning the geography to bedeck your home.


Our services are not restricted to the room decoration. We offer abilities containing a canvas of range, linoleum, and probing. We help many wholesalers and retailers to support you with the highest-in-rank articles that complement the décor of your range.

To materialize all these steps, EFS Marketing has the best interior designers in Islamabad.

Four types of interior Designs:

Traditional Interior Designing Style 

Traditional style room decoration finds refined rooms putting on beautiful analyses in addition to important-stimulated sofas and colors. Layers of pattern and character increase the charm of curated normal rooms. This style is further massively affected by 18th and 19th-Century European families.

Eliciting a sense of record, these well-set-together cores are precise, and still approachable. First of all, established color makeovers start in the construction of the range itself. Moldings trims and posts are all conventional materials in ending hometowns and set the right desire for an established style. If your home is newer though, you still can present these analyses later for perfect decor designs.

By increasing a beautifying tier to nearly every component of your space, a compelling look is given to your house. To present incised analyses in your scope, start accompanying the great pieces. An incised couch or bed will satisfy to create a unique established charge! If everything, burdensome interlined drapes are a sign of established cores and the look is frequently achieved by accompanying equal cornices or valances.

Also, you will forever visualize the entire drapes, making the fanlight situation even more stunning. This is an ocular trick that applies to some styles; a floor-to-maximum bow situation is a proven supporting action to create the range look more unreasonable and the room airier! Besides being just charming, patterns help to present an accent color and relate the color coordination.

Damask materials are again an excellent choice to build an entertaining pitch-on-pitch effect outside adjoining excessive banners to the design. Because if banners are in addition to welcoming in an established design, you will never visualize excessive hues assorted together. To influence usual patterns into your range, start narrow by accumulating pillows and blankets.

Modern Style of Interior Design 

Modern Style of Interior design stands on a monochromatic color palette scheme. Its other major constituents are clean lines, minimalism, natural materials, and natural light. Its historic period lies between the early to the mid-twentieth century. 

Industrial Interior Design Style 

Industrial Interior Design Style primarily includes incorporating building materials into the room. The main constituents of the industrial interior design style are exposed rafters, reclaimed wood, iron, brick, concrete, etc. Spaces in industrial interior design style also have an open floor plan. 

Minimalist Interior Design Style 

Minimalist Interior Design Style is closely related to the modern style of interior design. It brings into use bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. 

Interior Design refers to the internal design of your space. This space may vary from your home to an office. Also, there are different experts for different interior design services. If you're looking to design your residential or corporate place, then EFS Marketing has got you covered. Our creative and unique interior designing services can make your decorated places talk on their own. We are offering Traditional, Modern, Industrial, and Minimalist interior design styles for your spaces. 

So hurry up and contact EFS Marketing to get your interiors embellished and adorned by our interior architect home designers.