ICHS Town Islamabad

Suramabad Community Housing Association, also known as ICHS Town, is a housing project located near Fateh Jan Road and Islamabad International Airport. ICHS Islamabad Condominium Association is in high demand in the Islamabad real estate market due to its prime location near CPEC road and affordable land prices. Although development is considered slow, the location value of such affordable properties is attracting real estate investors.

ICHS Town Islamabad is considered a low-income housing project but with all features and facilities on par with other housing projects in Islamabad. ICHS Housing Association is the perfect property for those looking for long-term investment close to the CPEC route and Islamabad International Airport.

Location of ICHS Islamabad


ICHS is located near Tarnol & Fateh Jang, his ICHS town is a 5-minute drive from the new Islamabad International Airport. It is also just 24 kilometers from Islamabad's Zero Point Interchange. Direct access via the main Kashmir Highway provides quick access to the ICHS Town location. It is also accessible from Kasana Dam Road and Airport Freight Road.

Accessibility is a key feature of any housing project and in the case of ICHS Town, it is easily accessible from all key points near Islamabad International Airport. ICHS city's main entrance is accessible from Fateh Jang Road, Girja Road, CPEC Route, and Airport Cargo Road. You can see all these interesting places near their location on the map below.

There are various notable places located near ICHS Islamabad. Following are their distances from society:

  • Islamabad International Airport: Islamabad International Airport is just 4 km away from ICHS Islamabad
  • CPEC route: CPEC route is just 3 km away from ICHS Islamabad
  • Motorways: Motorways are just 15 km away from ICHS Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi City: Rawalpindi City is just thirty-seven km away from ICHS Islamabad
  • Fateh Jang Road: Fateh Jang Road is just twenty km away from ICHS Islamabad
  • Zero-Point Islamabad: Zero-Point Islamabad is just 15 km away from ICHS Islamabad

Housing Societies Located near ICHS Islamabad

The following societies are located in the proximity of ICHS Islamabad:

  • Nova City Islamabad
  • Airport Avenue Housing Society
  • Aviation City
  • Airways City Islamabad
  • State Life Housing Cooperative Society Islamabad
  • Fatima Town
  • Motorway City
  • Green City

Master Plan of ICHS Islamabad


Zoom developers designed and created ICHS Town residential development. The Islamabad Multi-housing Society – ICHS Town Master Plan is divided into two sections. However, it was later expanded to six divisions. Note that these are primarily intended for residential properties and the majority of parcels offered on simple installment plans are sized 1 channel, 10 mala, 7 mala, and 5 mala. However, separate areas of different parcel sizes are reserved for commercial activities.

Payment Plan of ICHS Islamabad

The registration process was made relatively simple for potential clients at the start of the launch, with registration booking forms made accessible from 1st October 2015 at chosen Silk Bank branches located in all major cities of Pakistan. The payment was supposed to be made in installments.

Plots in former blocks have currently been sold out and are now available for resale at a profit. The society has announced an easy installment plan for the community's newest extension block.

The payment plan for ICHS Islamabad is as follows:

Facilities and Features at ICHS Islamabad

ICHS Islamabad is known for providing its residents with high-quality amenities that meet their needs and enhance their living standards. The following are some notable amenities being provided by ICHS Islamabad:

Underground Electricity

ICHS Islamabad provides underground electricity to its residents. This means that the power cables and transformers are buried underground, which reduces the risk of accidents and power outages. Moreover, underground electricity also improves the overall aesthetic appeal of society as there are no visible power lines.


ICHS Islamabad provides its residents with a constant supply of clean and fresh water. The society has a well-designed water supply system that ensures that every household receives water without any interruption. The water is sourced from underground aquifers and is treated to make it safe for human consumption.


ICHS Islamabad provides its residents with a reliable gas supply. The society is connected to the main gas pipeline, which ensures that there is no shortage of gas. Moreover, the society has its own gas distribution system that delivers gas to every household.

Wastewater Treatment

ICHS Islamabad has an unmatchable wastewater treatment arrangement. The society has its own wastewater treatment plant that treats the wastewater generated by the residents. The treated water is then used for irrigation purposes, which helps conserve water and reduce the overall environmental impact.

Main Boulevard

The main boulevard of ICHS Islamabad is 162 feet wide. This means that the boulevard can accommodate a large number of vehicles, which reduces traffic congestion. Moreover, the wide boulevard also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the society and provides a pleasant driving experience.

Paved Streets

The streets of ICHS Islamabad are asphalt-paved, which makes them durable and long-lasting. The society has a well-designed road network that ensures smooth traffic flow. Moreover, the society also has streetlight fixtures that provide adequate lighting at night, making it safe for residents to walk or drive.

Fitness Paths

ICHS Islamabad has fitness paths that are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. The paths are well-maintained and provide a safe environment for residents to jog or walk. Moreover, the paths are also equipped with exercise equipment, which allows residents to engage in outdoor workouts.

Miniature Golf Course

ICHS Islamabad has an 18-hole miniature golf course that provides a fun activity for residents. The golf course is well-designed and is maintained regularly to ensure that it is always in good condition. Moreover, the golf course is also a great place for families to spend quality time together.

Informal Club

ICHS Islamabad has an informal club that provides a platform for residents to socialize and engage in recreational activities. The club has various facilities, such as a swimming pool, a gym, and a library. Moreover, the club also organizes events and activities for residents, such as sports tournaments and cultural festivals.

Gated Community

ICHS Islamabad is a gated community, which means that it provides a safe and secure living environment for residents. The society has a well-trained security staff that monitors the entry and exit points of the society. Moreover, the society also has CCTV cameras installed at various locations, which enhances the overall security of the society.

Road Network

ICHS Islamabad has a high-quality and extensive road network that connects every part of society. The roads are well-designed and are maintained regularly to ensure smooth traffic flow. Moreover, the road network is also equipped with directional signs, which help residents navigate through the society.

Mosques, Hospitals, and Educational Institutions

ICHS Islamabad has several mosques, hospitals, and educational institutions within its premises. This means that residents have easy access to these facilities and do not have to travel long distances.

Why You Should Invest in ICHS Islamabad?

With the many modern and luxurious facilities offered by the management of these housing companies, the recent trend of living in Pakistani housing has become both necessary and attractive. In addition, ICHS Towns offer people of all socioeconomic backgrounds an equal opportunity to live a better life. Let's take a look at some aspects that contribute to the success of this company and why you should invest in them.

Executive location

There is only one factor that determines the value of a property and that factor is location. The unique location of this residential company at the intersection of the three major cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Fateh Jang is the most important selling factor. Don't miss the company's great prospects. The company presents a beautiful panorama of the capital's Margalla Hills that intrigues the viewer.

It is also just a 5-10 minute drive from the CPEC route, expressway, and new international airport. The sum of all these factors adds value to this project and area. As a result, ICHS is a treasure trove for investors looking for medium- to long-term investments and those looking to build a home for their family.


The low prices of this housing company have greatly contributed to the increase in activity. Investors who recognize the true potential of the project and invest in the company early on will benefit from increased asset values ​​and profits. Housing associations in the CDA sector, including the capital's B-17 Multi-Gardens, offer significantly higher rates and fewer commercial options than housing associations with identical landscapes and amenities. As a result, investing in this company is not only convenient but also profitable.

Easy payment options

Another big motivation for investing in this low-income housing program is the wide range of lot sizes to choose from and the easy payment plans. Lot sizes range from 5 maras to 1 canal. They are therefore available to both the private and commercial sectors of society and can be invested in the most suitable form. Secure installments make it reasonably practical for everyone to participate in this housing project for a positive tomorrow. Lots are accessed primarily on a first-come, first-served basis, so no time is wasted We recommend getting lots before the key slots are filled.

Modern facilities:

While this condominium complex does not have the state-of-the-art facilities found in big names in Pakistan such as Park View City and Bahria Town, it does have all the necessities for a comfortable life such as water, gas, electricity, shopping malls, and a cinema. All included. , with parks, schools, hospitals, and mosques, it is a great place to live. The CPEC route offers bright future prospects.

Being so close to the CPEC route, there is no doubt that this residential project offers endless possibilities and opportunities. To invest in ICHS Town Islamabad contact us or visit our youtube channel for more details.