Eighteen Islamabad Introduction

Eighteen Islamabad offers a magnificent way of life that ensures a safe and high standard of living. To meet the demands of its citizens, Eighteen Islamabad provides a variety of residential and business alternatives. For those looking for a luxurious lifestyle, it contains The Villas at Eighteen Islamabad.

The Villas are outfitted with trendy, lovely, and modern amenities. With an eye-catching architectural plan and interior designs, these residential Villas blend comfort, luxury, and sustainability. The Heights features studio flats and penthouses with spacious balconies. Over 28 pavilion-style residential constructions with a maximum height of seven floors may be found there. The Core in Eighteen Islamabad provides the most cutting-edge, high-tech, modern, and futuristic commercial infrastructure.

Eighteen Islamabad Developers

Eighteen Islamabad is Pakistan's first multibillion-dollar real estate project, being developed by Egypt's Ora Developers in conjunction with Saif Group and Pakistan's Kohistan Builders. These are some of Egypt's and Pakistan's most well-known, trustworthy, and professional business owners. Following the success of the Mobilink Telecommunications cooperation, these organizations have returned with new enterprises to establish a new quality of living in Pakistan's capital.

Under the umbrella of Eighteen developers, Ora developers is a highly trusted and reliable name for highly developing projects. The Grosvenor Square in London, UK; the Ayia Napa Marina in Cyprus; the 5-star Silversands Hotel in Grenada; and several more projects in Egypt such as the Nile City Towers and Pyramid Hills are among Ora Developers' most notable works. Eighteen Islamabad's developers are a group of skilled experts with a track record of providing high-quality home projects.

They have a thorough understanding of modern family demands and have used this knowledge to build a civilization that is both functional and beautiful. The developers have also placed a great emphasis on sustainability, including features such as green spaces and energy-efficient structures in the design of the community.

Eighteen Islamabad Masterplan

The Eighteen Islamabad Master Plan represents that this society is spread across 700 acres (2.7 million Square Yards) of land, where the owners have planned to develop 1068 Villas, 2000 residential units, 900 apartments, and a variety of luxurious commercial options to cater to the various commercial needs of residents and retailers. This society also includes medical centres, clubhouses, commercial centres, retail establishments, and high-rise structures.

Eighteen Islamabad’s Location

The location of Eighteen Islamabad is one of its primary selling factors. The society is located in the centre of Islamabad, making it easily accessible from all major metropolitan regions. The society is located in Islamabad's Sector E-18, which is a well-developed and established neighborhood.

Eighteen Islamabad is at a prime location because it is the closest housing community to the New Islamabad International Airport. This project is strategically positioned on the Kashmir Highway in twin cities which provides inhabitants with quick access to the rest of the places and connects them to significant areas of cities.

It is around 5 kilometers from Golra Mor and 3 kilometers from the Lahore Islamabad Motorway. This society is immediately near to University Town, one of the region's oldest societies. This housing complex is very close to the New International Islamabad Airport. Eighteen Islamabad Location & Map are among the finest works in modern times.

The location also provides excellent access to public transportation, allowing residents to go around the city without needing a personal automobile. The community is also adjacent to major business districts, supermarkets, and shopping centres, making it simple for residents to get vital services and amenities.

Besides that, Eighteen Islamabad's location is great for families with children because it is close to reputable schools and universities. As a result, it is an excellent choice for parents seeking a safe and secure neighborhood for their children to grow up in.

Eighteen Islamabad NOC

This society is totally lawful, and the RDA has accepted the Eighteen Islamabad NOC (Rawalpindi Development Authority). RDA has approved over 700 acres of this society's land. Furthermore, the layout plan for this spectacular residential property has been approved by the appropriate authorities.

This NOC-approved community is the cream of the crop among real estate developments and is highly profitable for investors because there are no allegations of land invasion or illegal expansion. Additionally, the NOC clearance of this society plays a significant role in attracting inhabitants and investors.

Eighteen Islamabad Project Details

Eighteen can be sub-divided into the following projects.

  • The Heights at Eighteen
  • The Villas at Eighteen
  • The Club at Eighteen
  • The Square at Eighteen 
  • The Core at Eighteen 
  • The Clinic at Eighteen 
  • The Resort at Eighteen

The heights at eighteen

The Heights at Eighteen consists of 28 pavilion-style low-rise buildings. Each apartment structure has no more than seven levels, with a maximum of four magnificent units on each floor. The Heights has 900 tastefully designed apartments with a lovely view. These luxurious residences have been outfitted with world-class amenities to provide a high level of life.

Furthermore, the Heights at Eighteen provide studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, as well as five-bedroom penthouses. Among other things, all of the units have a terrace, huge kitchens, and reserved parking space. Some of these flats contain a servant quarter and a powder room, depending on the size of the area.

The Villas at eighteen

The opulent Villas at Eighteen have been meticulously built to provide optimum comfort and seclusion while fitting in with the enchanting natural beauty that surrounds the upscale housing society.

The international-standard Villas at Eighteen provide 1,068 villas with stunning views of the vast golf course and lush green hills beyond. Depending on the size of the property, these villas have three to seven bedrooms, as well as huge kitchens, garages, swimming pools, terraces, servant's quarters, and much more.These luxurious villas come in 10 marla, 1 kanal, 2 kanals, 4 kanals, and 8 kanals sizes.

The Square at Eighteen

The Square at Eighteen is a high-end shopping centre with both domestic and international brand outlets centered around an outdoor square. The Square will have three stories and, like the majority of contemporary malls, will feature a variety of food establishments, from pricey fine-dining establishments to laid-back coffee shops.

The Club at Eighteen

The hub of social events and entertainment is The Club at Eighteen. The Club, which overlooks the extensive golf course, will provide stunning views of the housing society's lakes and fairways as well as the hills that surround the complex. It will provide the residents an opportunity to rest and relax while taking part in a variety of recreational activities, dining on a fine meal, watching the sun set on the terrace, etc.

Additionally, it will provide a number of sporting amenities, such as a squash court, swimming pool, yoga studio, and cricket field, to name a few.

The Core at Eighteen

The Core at Eighteen is a high-tech business area that will include 13 modern buildings with modern workplaces housed inside of them. It will be close to the new airport, making it accessible to executives from both domestic and foreign companies.

The Clinic at Eighteen

The community will also have a cutting-edge on-site medical centre to make sure that the inhabitants of Eighteen in Islamabad receive prompt treatment and care in case of an emergency. It will handle both urgent and non-urgent situations and be completely prepared to handle any medical problems.

The Resort at Eighteen

Last but not least, the Resort is one of Eighteen's most magnificent constructions. It is a five-star boutique hotel with 150 opulently designed rooms.

The Resort at Eighteen will feature the best hoteliers and employees in the world to provide maximum comfort for the visitors, who will also take advantage of a number of amenities while they're there. These include opulent restaurants, fitness centres, and a venue for gatherings of up to 1,000 people, among other things.

Property Prices in Eighteen Islamabad

The prices of property in Eighteen Islamabad are a grain of salt as compared to the facilities provided in the society. Contact us for the details of the payment plans for apartments and residential areas of Eighteen Islamabad. You can also visit our channel for regular updates.

Facilities & Amenities in Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad is on its way to become the most prestigious and exclusive housing endeavor in Pakistan, with an estimated cost of over 2 billion USD. The community guarantees its residents first-rate amenities and comforts.
Following are some of this project's key characteristics:

  • Modern conveniences.
  • Villas.
  • Residences at "The Heights."
  • Golf course of 18 holes.
  • The Core is a posh business district.
  • Schools & Colleges of International Standing.
  • a system of carpeted streets.
  • lakes, hills, and parks.
  • Fully operational medical facility.
  • Associated Clubs.
  • The Square is a branded café and store.
  • Spa, gym, and exquisite dining are available at the resort.
  • Mosques.

Why Would You Invest in Eighteen Islamabad?

Investors should consider a number of factors before making a home investment, including price, location, an approved NOC, payment schedule, amenities, and accessibility. The payment schedule for the home project under negotiation draws investors. The properties are offered with simple payment arrangements for immediate possession.

In addition to having affordable site prices, the community is conveniently situated along Kashmir Highway, close to New Islamabad International Airport. The community provides its residents with both basic and contemporary amenities.

Furthermore, there are no claims of illegal encroachment or extension in the housing scheme's NOC, which CDA will shortly approve. The residential society becomes safe for investing as a result.

Eighteen Islamabad is suitable for investment due to all of these characteristics. Join this residential project to take advantage of the newest features.

Guidelines to Follow Before Purchasing Real Estate in Eighteen Islamabad

Before you purchase a property in this housing plan, abide by the following rules:

  • Verify the NOC that the Capital Development Authority has approved (CDA)
  • Verify CDA documentation.
  • Visit a reliable real estate broker.
  • Verify that the funds for a property purchase or sale follow the purchase or sale plan.
  • Check out the facilities' access to things like electricity, gas, and water.
  • Examine the infrastructure in great detail.
  • Examine the area and determine how close you are to offices, hospitals, and other facilities.
  • Verify the level of security offered to society's citizens.


The home development Eighteen Islamabad is a magnificent residential marvel in Pakistan. Because it is still in the early phases of development, you should invest immediately in order to get the biggest return on your money in the shortest amount of time.

Therefore, we strongly advise that you take advantage of this opportunity to invest in this society. Please read our other blogs if you want to learn more about similar amenities that are provided at affordable pricing and if you want to learn more about such housing societies.