Blue World Trade Center Introduction

The Blue World Commerce Center is a high-end project that will soon provide a gateway to Pakistan's trade business. This is Pakistan's first trading skyscraper, containing all commodities and amenities that aid local and foreign merchants in expanding their businesses.

The primary goal of developing this trade center is to create a real estate commerce center in Pakistan that includes all of the commodities and amenities that will aid the company's ease and productivity.
The plan is for this architectural masterpiece to serve as a commerce center for both international and local businesspeople. Furthermore, it will serve as a regional entertainment center, where people will come not only for cooperative objectives, but also to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Owners and Developers of BWTC

The Blue Group of Companies has the exclusive right to build one of the most magnificent developing structures, the Blue World Trade Center. Currently, the company is ranked among the top five estate development firms in the globe.

Mr. Saad Nazir, a well-known industrious and dependable cooperative guy in Pakistan, runs the company. Furthermore, the company's major goal is to diversify Pakistan's real estate industry and help thousands of people.
The company has also hired a Chinese construction firm to assist them in creating this architectural marvel in Pakistan's capital.

Blue World Trade Center Location

The Blue World Trade Center is being built in an outstanding position, between Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad, two significant residential and commercial developments within the city limits. As shown on the Blue World Trade Center map, the GT road's connection with the Islamabad Highway makes this beautiful futuristic project easily accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. 
The Bahria Town Hospital is right across the street, which is an advantage. The property is also within walking distance of the Giga Mall and the Lignum Tower. Blue World City Office, in addition to the aforementioned local venues, is conveniently located around the block to handle operations.

Blue World Trade Center NOC

It is often observed that authenticity appears to be the most crucial factor for anyone considering investing in the real estate industry. The same is true for the Blue World Trade Center NOC status. People are more likely to invest in a legal enterprise that provides the most legal security. In the case of BWTC, there is excellent news: the project's NOC has been accepted, and the project will be inaugurated on October 29th, 2022.

Accessibility Points of BWTC

  • It is strategically positioned near a network of motorways and other high-speed routes in Islamabad.
  • It is being built two minutes' drive from the Bahria Town Hospital.
  • It is about a 10-minute walk from the PC Hotel.
  • Rawalpindi Railway Station is 15 minutes away.
  • Driving distance from the new airport.

BWTC Nearby Landmarks


The Blue World City Trade Center's proximity to prominent monuments adds to its significance and appeal. The Trade Center's proximity to popular tourist destinations, cultural attractions, and other business hubs adds to its importance as a premier commercial and economic hub. This makes it an appealing location for investment and development because it provides quick access for both local and international business partners, tourists, and clients. The adjacent landmarks also give a rich cultural experience, which adds to the Blue World City Trade Center's overall appeal and competitiveness.

Her are some of famous landmarks near to Blue World City Trade Center:

  • Islamabad and Rawalpindi
  • Giga Mall
  • Bahria Town Hospital
  • National Highway
  • Blue World City Head Office
  • Bait-Al-Mandi
  • Beacon House School System
  • Silk Mall G.T. Road

Blue World Trade Center Structural Plan

Professional architects and engineers devised and developed the Blue World Trade Center (BWTC) structure plan. In terms of structural design, it is a 500ft high-rise, 27-story skyscraper. Each story of the BWTC has its own distinct features, complete with luxury facilities and services. The replica twin towers are intended to offer leisure, shopping, trade, and next-level commercial opportunities in the twin cities. 
Blue World Trade Center is a meeting place for elegance and convenience, as well as trade and trends. Furthermore, this high-rise structure would pave the way for a new era in Pakistan's trading business. The goal of building this trade center is to promote a flourishing atmosphere that includes all aspects of trade, commerce, and retail hubs.

The details of structural plan are mentioned below:

  • Basements 1 & 2-Designated Parking Spaces
  • Lower Ground, Ground, And First Floor-shopping mall
  • Second-Floor-Play Area & Food Court
  • Third Floor-Services Storey
  • Fourth To Sixteenth Floors-Corporate Offices
  • 23rd And 24th Floor-Loft Apartments
  • The 25th Floor-Services Storey

Blue World Trade Center Payment Plans

The Blue World Trade Center's developers have put a lot of effort into developing this project so that everyone can simply invest in it. As a result, they have set exceptionally low pricing for retail malls and business headquarters. 
The shopping malls are organized into three categories: Platinum, Gold, and Silver, and the pricing of shops in each area vary. Similarly, the prices of the offices vary depending on the level.
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Features and Amenities of Blue World City Trade Center

The Business World Trade Center (BWTC) is Pakistan's first international standard-based shopping mall and commercial hub. It is a fantastic design that has all of the latest conveniences and luxuries. It provides all services, professional places, and outstanding entertainment venues. 

To realize Pakistan's desire, the developer gets frantic to construct the most basic entertainment facilities, with the goal of propelling it to the top of the tourist list. There will be recreational areas, dining alternatives, a food court, and much more depending on your needs. Here are some of notable amenities of Blue World City Trade Center:
Residential Flats: BWTC intends to build residential apartments on the upper levels so that everyone can profit from this fantastic investment opportunity.

  • Replica of twin tower: The Blue World Trade Center is a major development project that is a replica of the Twin Towers. This structure will be an exact replica of the Petronas Twin Towers, built to international standards. BWTC management plans to build a two-part, 27-story skyscraper.
  • Spacious Parking: Employees and corporate shareholders will be allowed to park their cars in the structure's allocated parking area. Basements 1 and 2 have been designated as such.
  • Shopping Malls and Entertainment Centers: The first three levels of this fantastic commercial area will comprise of shopping malls. The management is also intending to construct game centers and theatres in the center to lure the masses.
  • Fully Air-conditioned: Blue World Trade Centre [BWTC] will be fully air-conditioned for employee comfort, and employee workstations will be Wi-Fi enabled. There will also be lounge areas for employees to rest in during their breaks.
  • Hazard Control: BWTC will be outfitted with the most up-to-date security and safety equipment. The management has decided to install sophisticated risks control to avoid any unfavorable situations.
  • Dedicated Maintenance Management: Blue World Trade Center will hire a staff of dedicated maintenance employees to work round the clock.
  • Restaurants and cafes: The Islamabad trade center will have something for everyone. Famous food chains will be present in the center to encourage families.


The Blue World Trade Center, Pakistan's first property exchange skyscraper, is being built with the goal of becoming a property expansion hub in the country. The developers intend to use a variety of unique building designs and provide residents with world-class facilities and amenities.

The establishment of this trade center will undoubtedly aid in the broadening of high-tech productivity and functionality. EFM Marketing provides you with the best commercial and residential investment solutions at the cheapest costs. Please contact us right away if you have any questions regarding this or any of other housing projects.