10 Factors that make Qurtaba City a truly Unique Housing Society

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QurtabaCity is a Modern Oasis in Pakistan's Capital city Islamabad. Located near the M-2 Motorway, this emerging development is one of the promising investment opportunities.

When it comes to the bustling metropolis of Islamabad, one might conjure up images of government buildings, diplomatic enclaves, and a city deeply rooted in tradition. However, there's a real estate gem nestled within this vibrant city that stands out as a testament to modern urban planning and Islamic culture. It is truly a contemporary marvel that combines comfort, convenience, and green living and promotes our religious ideology in perfect harmony.

Qurtuba City Islamabad is a promising real estate project that has been making waves for its innovative approach embedded with Islamic architecture. It is located in the heart of the federal capital on the M-2 Lahore Islamabad motorway near Chakri Interchange at the Potohar Valley at the foot of Khairi Moorat hills, offering a marvelous panoramic view. This rapidly growing community is nothing like you have ever experienced breaking the conventional cityscape.

Here are some reasons why Qurtuba City has captured the attention of residents and investors alike:

1. A Visionary Community:

In today's real estate landscape, the surge in themed housing societies has captured the imagination of individuals seeking more than just a place to call home. They are in search of an ideology-driven, like-minded community that can seamlessly meet their diverse needs. In response to this quest, developments such as Qurtaba City have emerged as beacons of community living excellence, offering what people are seeking, and that too embedded with Islamic ideology and values.

2. Modern Infrastructure with spectacular Islamic architecture:

Other than the visual attractions, the true backbone of any thriving community is its infrastructure. Qurtuba City leaves no stone unturned in this regard. The city boasts wide, well-maintained roads, state-of-the-art sewerage systems, and a robust water supply network. With buildings and architecture inspired by the great Islamic icons from around the world, it is a spectacular development. These factors contribute not only to the residents' comfort but also to the city's long-term sustainability and promote tourism.

3. Smart City Solutions:

Qurtuba City Islamabad has embraced the concept of a "smart city" with open arms. Residents benefit from a range of technology-driven amenities, including high-speed internet connectivity, digital payment options, and a city-wide surveillance system that enhances security. These innovations make daily life more convenient and enjoyable from your mobile screen.

4 Masjid Qurtaba: A Testament to Elegance and Innovation - Jamia

Nestled within the heart of Qurtaba City, the Grand Jamia Masjid stands as a magnificent embodiment of Islamic principles, adorned with exquisite architectural craftsmanship that pays homage to the essence of Islam. While mosques grace every corner of this remarkable society, the Grand Jamia Mosque seeks to redefine the very concept of religious architecture with its unique design, modern flair, and cutting-edge technology. This sacred sanctuary will be a symphony of beauty, boasting meticulously tiled walls, opulent marble floors, and iconic artistry.

Spanning an area of 190 Kanals, the mosque promises to offer a haven of comfort and opulence for its visitors. Situated amidst the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Potohar hills, the mosque's location embraces lush greenery and breathtaking natural vistas, creating an atmosphere of serenity and spirituality. Not confined to Islamabad alone, this mosque is set to become an iconic Islamic landmark that will resonate across the entirety of Pakistan, solidifying its significance in the fabric of Qurtaba City's allure.

5- Qurtaba International University: Where Tradition Meets Modernity:

Nestled within the heart of Zone 1, Qurtaba International University is poised to redefine educational excellence across an expansive 750 Kanal expanse. This visionary institution is destined to emerge as a vibrant hub, seamlessly integrating the realms of religious and contemporary studies to serve as a beacon for the entire community.

6. Diverse Housing Options:

Whether you're looking for a cozy apartment, a spacious villa, or even commercial property, Qurtuba City has it all. The city's real estate market offers a diverse range of housing options to cater to various preferences and budgets. This diversity has attracted people from all walks of life, contributing to the city's vibrant and inclusive community.

7. Excellent Healthcare Facilities:

For families, educational and healthcare facilities are of paramount importance. Qurtuba City has not overlooked this crucial aspect. The city hosts several quality schools, colleges, and universities, ensuring that residents have access to top-notch education. Additionally, modern hospitals and healthcare centers provide peace of mind when it comes to healthcare needs.

8. Convenient Shopping and Entertainment Exclusively for women:

A thriving community needs access to shopping and entertainment options, especially for women. Dedicated with utmost thoughtfulness, a sprawling 70 Kanal shopping enclave awaits women, providing a haven for their retail desires where they can indulge in their favorite shopping experiences, free from any inconveniences or obstacles.

Apart from that, Qurtuba City Islamabad also has common shopping malls, markets, and recreational facilities that cater to the diverse needs of its residents. Whether you're looking for a quiet place to unwind or a bustling shopping district, you'll find it within the city's boundaries.

9- Dar ul Hifz -A Digital Oasis for Quranic Memorization:

Within the premises, the society has launched an innovative, fully digitized Quran memorization facility tailored for both young boys and girls. This sanctuary represents a path to becoming a Hafiz or Hafiza of the Quran, a status likened to a heavenly abode.

This spectacular digitized Quranic memorization facility aims to guide the aspiring younger generation toward their religious endeavors, fostering an environment where the beauty of Quranic recitation can flourish.

10- AghoshCenter at Qurtaba City: Nurturing Hearts and Lives

In addition to its dynamic business ventures, Qurtaba City has embarked on a noble journey in the realm of public service by establishing the AghoshCenter, a haven for orphans. This place is dedicated to crafting a nurturing environment where orphaned children can thrive, offering them access to a healthier quality of life and a reliable education.

The mission of this endeavor is the profound belief that acts of kindness elevate humanity to its highest potential. In the tapestry of virtues such as peace, tolerance, brotherhood, and compassion, Islam stands out as a beacon of superiority among religions.

It is with this sacred purpose in mind that Qurtaba City has chosen to establish the Al-KhidmatAghoshCenter, extending its warm embrace to orphaned boys and girls within the heart of Qurtaba City. Here, they will find a home infused with the same love and care as their own, guided by the spirit of "Kafalat-i-Yateem, Rafaqat-i-Rasool" - sponsorship of orphans as an act of devotion to Allah.

This comprehensive and well-organized system of sponsorship, bearing the name of Allah, encompasses all aspects of life for these young souls, providing them with permanent residence, shelter, religious and contemporary education, training, sports, and more - all free of charge. Within this center, there are opportunities made available for wholesome activities abound, overseen by the guardians.

In conclusion, Qurtuba City boasts a strong sense of community. It is an ideal place for residents to come together and create a harmonious and regal atmosphere. It is a truly unique housing development launched for families to thrive and for individuals to build meaningful connections following our Islamic culture and beliefs. Contact EFS Marketing or visit our YouTube channel for more news.

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