7 Important Features to Consider When Buying a House

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Buying a house, if you are not an expert, maybe a problem for you. Because there are many features to consider when buying it.

Every person has his/her priorities. Some want to choose the best location while some want to choose a house with less price.

However, in this blog, you will read about features that make a house a perfect option. If you can find a house having all these features, you are lucky. However, if you find a house having few of them, you should go for it.

7 Features to Consider When Buying a House

The title of an ideal house is not only confined to these 7 features. But, we have concluded the most common of them. There could be other factors making a house an ideal choice for you.

1. Location

First of all, find a house in a location where you and your family can easily access the areas of your daily routine. For example, schools, colleges, universities, shops, etc. After that, make sure the nearby facilities are. If the house is located with all the essential facilities and amenities, then go for it. The facilities and amenities that you need to have in close areas are banks, hospitals, main roads, Parks, Shopping Malls, etc.

Furthermore, you should also choose your neighborhood

wisely. When buying a home, also inquire about the surroundings.

2. Size of the house

It is also important to look at the size of the house before buying it. You should choose a house according to your family. If your family is small, a 5-marla housing with two rooms is the best option for you.

However, if you want to live with your family, you should buy larger houses. You can book houses available for sale in Islamabad. For booking, you can contact EFS Marketing.

3. Size of lawn

When buying a house, you should also consider this feature. Because houses with no lawns are not very much liked. But, it is also important that the size of the lawn should be according to your needs. If you love gardening, you should buy a house having lawn of almost 25x50 ft.

Houses with lawns also help you to breathe in the open air because it will keep the environment pleasant in your house.

4. Number of Bathrooms

There are some houses that have attached bathrooms with every bedroom and a separate bathroom outside. So, buying this type of house becomes the best choice for home buyers.

Now, it depends upon you what you prefer. However, buying a house with only one bathroom will not bother you. You can add another when you feel the need for it.

Furthermore, not only the number of bathrooms but the style and size of the bathroom is also important factor to consider.

5. Kitchen

Kitchen size and design is another important factor to remember while buying a house. However, you can redesign it later, but at the time of buying it is necessary to check the size of the kitchen.

However, a spacious kitchen may be a good option for you if you are living with your family.

6. Style and condition of the house

It is very necessary to visit the house and check it property whether it fulfills all the requirements you want to be in your house.

The condition of the house is very important to consider because you would not like to buy a house in bad condition. However, if the owner agrees to reduce the price, and you think it will not cost you much while renovating it, then it can be the best choice for you.

Furthermore, you should also consider the design of the house you want to buy. There are different styles of houses some are closed with no open area while some have open areas.

7. The Price

The most important factor to consider is the price of the house you want to buy. Because, if you choose a house that exceeds your budget limit, it may create problems for you in the future.

However, do not choose houses having too many low prices because there may be some serious issues in that houses.

Furthermore, while buying a house keep in mind all the expenses including maintenance expenses, agent commission, etc.

In short, if you face hurdles in finding houses for sale in your range, you can contact EFS Marketing.


These were 7 important features to consider when buying a house. However, there may be many other factors to consider but these we have chosen are the most notable.

So, if you cannot find a house having all these features, just contact EFS, and we can help you in buying your favorite house.

We also deal in housing societies including Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City, Silver City, New City Paradise, New Metro City, and Blue World City.

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