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Islamabad is one of the best places where you can easily find properties for sale. If you want to invest in a property, the capital city hosts multiple options for you where you can easily invest in residential and commercial properties.

There are different types of properties in which you can invest. Farmhouses, Shops, Apartments, Houses, and residential and commercial plots. However, you can also invest in rental properties in Islamabad.

Here in this article, you can find properties having the potential to give you high outcomes, or you can choose them for living a better life.

Furthermore, the Properties in Islamabad are available for sale in different areas. But, the best places where you should invest in properties are housing societies. There are hundreds of housing societies in Islamabad. However, only a few of them are the best choice for investment in properties in Islamabad. For regular updates subscribe to our youtube channel.

Properties for Sale in Housing Societies in Islamabad

You can also invest in properties available for sale out of the housing societies. But, the properties available for sale within the housing societies have greater potential. Also, these properties are legal and located inside the NOC-approved housing societies. The housing societies that offer investment in properties in Islamabad are:

Properties for Sale in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a housing society where you can invest easily in properties. Because, the housing society offers you to invest in farmhouses, villas, and residential and commercial plots.

The reason to invest in the housing society is its prime location in the capital city, easy and affordable payment plan, skilled and expert developers, its legal status, and master plan designed by professional architects.

There are various sizes of residential and commercial plots available for sale in the housing society. You can invest from 2 Marla commercial plots to 1 Kanal residential plot.

The housing society is also known for exceptional facilities and amenities which it offers you its residents and investors at very low costs. Further, you can read about the housing society after visiting the official web page of Kingdom Valley.

Properties for Sale in Blue World City

Blue World City is another top-class housing society in Islamabad claiming to be the first tourist city in Pakistan. You may not find a better option for investment other than Blue World City. the housing society is home to potential properties in which you can invest for residential and commercial purposes.

Furthermore, there is something extraordinary in the housing society which can easily attract investors for investment in properties in Blue World City Islamabad. The Shoaib Akhtar Enclave in Sports Valley is another addition to the success of the housing society.

Apart from its legal status, the housing society provides investors with unlimited opportunities to invest in residential and commercial properties at reasonable prices. The developers of the housing society have kept the prices of the plots very low to provide people to invest easily in properties in Islamabad. NOC approval, affordable payment plan, prominent location, and renowned developers are some of the reasons why BWC is considered one of the best options to invest in properties in Pakistan.

Properties for Sale in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is the first smart city in Pakistan featuring to be the best option for investment in properties. The housing society provides its residents with all the facilities they would need for living a comfortable life among beautiful sceneries.

Furthermore, Capital Smart City is the best option for investment because it offers its investors multiple choices to invest in properties. Also, the housing society offers investors the best opportunities to invest in properties easily. Because the prices of the properties are very low in the Capital Smart City.

So, if you have some amount to invest in properties, Capital Smart City is the best choice for you as you can book the plot with a down payment and pay the rest of the amount in easy monthly installments.

Properties for Sale in Rudn Enclave

Rudn Enclave is a perfect housing society for those who want to live a happy life away from the noise of the city. The housing society is located at Adyala Road near Rawalpindi Ring Road offering you opportunities for investment in properties in the capital city.

As compared to other housing societies in the area, the Rudn Enclave always remains a step ahead in providing investors with excellent investment opportunities in residential and commercial properties. So, you can say that the housing society is the best option where you can find properties for sale in Islamabad.

In addition to the importance of Rudn Enclave, the prices of the residential and commercial plots, and farmhouses are also very low compared to other housing societies.

So, before investing anywhere in Islamabad, you should certainly think once about investment in Rudn Enclave. For further detail and booking plots, you can visit the official website of Rudn Enclave.

Properties for Sale in Park View City

Park View City is a jewel in the crown of real estate in Islamabad. The dream of every individual is to have a piece of property in Park View City. But you can turn your dream into a reality as the housing society offer investment in properties at only down payments, and pay the rest of the amount in easy monthly installment.

Furthermore, the facilities and amenities that Park View City offers to its investors are matchless. You cannot find them anywhere in Islamabad. However, the prices of the properties in PVC are high compared to other housing projects in Islamabad.


There are multiple properties for sale in Islamabad but before investing in properties, you have to do complete research to analyze the market. However, we can provide you with better investment opportunities. For booking plots anywhere in Pakistan, you can contact us through our website. We can assist you to invest in properties at discounted rates.

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