New City Paradise vs. Rudn Enclave

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New City Paradise

A new housing society has just begun called New City Paradise. However, the housing society has attracted investors' attention because of its prominent position and well-known developers. Investors are becoming more numerous every day in a very short period of time.

However, because the housing society has PHATA (Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency) approval, it is also a superior option for reserving a plot. Consequently, you might invest in a legitimate housing project to launch your real estate profession. Additionally, you may invest with ease in New City Paradise due to the low rates of residential and commercial plots in the housing society.

Owners and developers

Chaudry Saad Zaman is the New City Paradise's owner. He works tirelessly and passionately to provide individuals with a variety of investment choices as the project's CEO. As we read above, the society was only recently established, but thanks to the tireless work of its owners and developers, it was able to rank among the most effective housing societies.

New City Paradise NOC

The NOC (No Objection Certificate) for New City Paradise was approved by PHATA (Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency). Although the housing society purchased 20,000 Kanal worth of land in total, only 4,256 Kanal were approved by the recognized authorities. The remaining land will soon be approved for the housing project. It is the first housing society in the area to have obtained NOC permission so quickly after beginning development work.

New City Paradise Location

The housing society is situated on a major GT road that connects to Burhan Interchange and the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor), It is simple to get to the New City Paradise site. If you use the New City Paradise location map, you may find the housing society with ease.

Additionally, the housing society is only 2 minutes from the M-1 (Islamabad Peshawar Motorway) and only 10 minutes from the renowned housing society New City Wah. The housing society is situated in close proximity to numerous well-known sites and locations, as well as all the services and amenities required for leading a happy life.

Master plan

The architects, engineers, and developers who created the New City master plan are highly qualified and experienced. The 20,000 Kanal total is divided into plots for homes and businesses. Only 4,256 Kanal of the 20,000 Kanal total is available for development, so make an investment now. The Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency, a recognized authority, would shortly grant NOC certification for the remaining land, though.

Payment plan

The New City Paradise payment plan is simple and reasonable. Residential and commercial plots are available for very affordable prices.

Depending on the size and kind, a different amount is required as a down payment and each month for payments. For instance, the down payment for a residential plot of 10 marlas is greater than the down payment for a residential plot measuring 5 marlas. Similarly, monthly payments for residential plots are lower than those for business plots.

Rudn Enclave

One of the most profitable investment options on the real estate market is Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. The residential society was created through a partnership between the renowned urban planners RMRSCO and NESPAK. The expansive housing project is located at the crossroads of the Jawa and Khasala Dams, in a prime location next to Adyala Road. If you want regular news and updates subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The housing project is one of the most esteemed construction initiatives conducted on the grounds of twin cities. Due to the large variety of property possibilities it provides that meet the demands of every investor, residential societies are among the most sought-after investment prospects. The housing project is built to the highest infrastructural standards available, has distinctive characteristics, and provides first-rate amenities.

Rudn Enclave Location

The most alluring aspect of the housing society that has drawn many potential customers from across the country and around the world is Rudn Enclave's location. The residential community is in a prime spot in Rawalpindi, next to Adyala Road. The owners of the housing development purposefully chose the twin cities' urban core to increase the value of their project.

The residential community is situated between the meeting of the two largest water reservoirs in the twin city, which extend from the Khasala Dam in the northeast to the Jawa Dam in the southwest. The housing project's accessibility from all major and local routes in Rawalpindi is another notable aspect.

Rudn Enclave NOC

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Rudn Enclave is anticipated to be approved by the relevant authorities soon. The development authorities are in the process of determining the residential society's legal status. The most exclusive territory in the twin cities, 18,000 Kanal, is needed by RMRSCO strategically.

The Rudn Enclave owners have accelerated the procedure for getting their project approved. The Rawalpindi Development Authorities (RDA) granted them their NOC after they adhered to all the necessary procedures. Even though the Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi NOC approval process is still ongoing, it is still one of the twin cities' most highly-rated projects.


After carefully examining the features of both housing societies we can conclude that both are ideal housing societies. However, investment in either of them depends on your budget. For booking you can contact EFS Marketing. You can also contact for investment in other housing societies including Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City, Kingdom Valley, Blue World City, etc.

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