Mistakes to avoid while renting a house

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It is common to make mistakes when it is your first time renting a house or room. But, you can avoid them after reading some basic guidelines.

In the article, you will read about that how to overcome your mistakes while renting a house or room. First of all, you should assess your budget, and then decide which kind of house or apartment can be arranged in your budget.

Furthermore, not only the rent expenses, but you should also keep in mind some other expenses i.e.

  • Security Deposit
  • Moving cost
  • Agent commission

This is the first mistake that usually renters commit. They do not assess their budget, and later it becomes their headache. So, you can avoid it. Other known mistakes are:

Not visiting the house

Sometimes in the hot marketing of real estate, renters agree to shift even before a single visit to the house. Usually, it leads to disappointment.

So, before renting a house or apartment, you should visit the site to check the condition of the apartment. You can also learn about the neighbors and the available facilities and amenities near your residences.

Furthermore, you can also confirm that the apartment is the one the agent showed you for renting. Sometimes real estate agents show customers pictures of apartments that are completely different from the actual apartment.

Not Reading and Understanding the Agreement

Most of the tenants often regret their negligence in reading the lease agreement. The lease agreement contains all the terms and conditions that you and the landlord both must obey.

However, you should briefly read and understand all the clauses of the agreement. If you cannot understand it you can get the services of professionals.

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Avoiding the Current Condition of the House

Carefully examine the current condition of the house where you want to move in. If you find any damages, record that and then mention it in the lease agreement.

The best way of keeping the damage recorded is to take pictures and record videos. Doing so will make you get rid of any kind of blame from the landlord's side. Because he might be unaware of the condition.

Not Writing the Agreement

According to any law in any country, a verbal agreement is not acceptable. So, it is another mistake that usually renters commit that they do not deal in a written agreement.

Therefore, when renting an apartment mere verbal dealing is not enough. You should write a complete agreement that contains all the terms and conditions according to which you have to live there.

Sharing with Roommates

Renting a shared apartment may cut your costs but getting the wrong roommate can be a big problem for you. That is why it is better to spend more of your money rather than to keep the headache of having problematic roommates.

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Breaking the Clauses of the Agreement

Sometimes, renters break the rules of the agreement which can cause them to face hindrances. So, if you are a tenant and have signed an agreement with your landlord, try till the last moment to abide by all the clauses of the agreement.

For example, if you are forbidden to keep your pets in, and you do so. So, this action can cause you to pay a heavy fine or leave the apartment.

Leaving the Apartment before FindingAnother

If you want to move somewhere, do not leave the current apartment until you find another one. Because you may not find another perfect apartment over the night.

So, you should avoid the mistake of leaving the apartment without any 2nd plan.

We discussed the mistakes that usually renters commit while renting a house or apartment.

Furthermore, there is also a list of mistakes that usually landlords commit. So, if you are a landlord, you should avoid doing these.

  • Renting out your house or apartment without proper verification of the tenants.
  • Avoid involving agents because of saving commission.
  • Not keeping the property renovated and updated.
  • Putting extraordinary clauses in the written agreement that are hard for a tenant to fulfill.
  • Keeping the rent too high to afford.


We have discussed both the mistakes of tenants and landlords. So, after reading the article, you may overcome your problems whether you are a lessee or lessor.

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