Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Home for the First Time

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The accomplishment of purchasing your first home is really exciting. But with the enormous stakes, any error might quickly cost money. In order to assist you, we've put together a list of some of the most typical errors first-time homebuyers should be aware of.

Not Shopping Around for a Lender

When looking for a mortgage, many buyers frequently stick with their current bank or the first lender they speak to. But it's certainly worth the effort to look around for the greatest offers. You should look into as many mortgage lenders as you can since you can find ones with rates that are much better than what your bank is offering. For more news and updates subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Down Payment Confusion

The assumption that all homes require a 20% down payment is ingrained in the minds of many buyers. They delay purchasing a property as a result until they have accumulated this considerable sum of money.

However, even if a 20% down payment will prevent you from having to pay mortgage insurance, you are not required to do so. You can frequently deposit as little as 3.5%, in fact. Naturally, your monthly payments will be cheaper the larger your down payment is. The most crucial thing is to strike the ideal equilibrium for your situation.

Taking a New Job

The wisest course of action is to avoid changing jobs when purchasing a home, building on the preceding point. In order to pre-approve your loan, lenders often require two years' worth of solid income documentation. The prior offer can be void if you switch employers in the interim. Tell your lender as soon as possible if you know you may need to shift jobs.

Not Getting Mortgage Pre-Approval

Lenders will examine numerous financial details throughout the pre-approval process, including your credit record, income, and tax history. They will inform you of the maximum loan amount you are eligible for using that information.

You can then look for homes within your price range once you have this number. Additionally, pre-approved purchasers are typically considerably more well-liked by sellers because it demonstrates your commitment to the transaction.

Putting All In

Many first-time buyers are willing to spend everything they have on their first home in order to get their foot on the housing ladder. It's critical to save aside some money in case unanticipated expenses, such as urgent repairs, arise. Without a safety net, you would soon find it difficult to make your payments and, in awful circumstances, you might even be forced to exile and lose your house.

Not Knowing Your Options

It's worth checking to see if you're eligible for one of the numerous first-time buyer schemes offered to new homes. Even though they often vary from location to location, they can significantly lessen the financial strain of purchasing your first house.

It's also important to be aware of alternative lending options for people who don't qualify for a traditional loan, including bridge loans, rent-to-own, and private loans.

Skipping the Home Inspection

While it would be alluring to skip the inspection in order to save a few thousand rupees. it nearly never makes sense. Home inspections safeguard the buyer and inform them of any potential problems the prospective home may have.

Without one, it would be simple to purchase a house with serious structural issues and security issues. After you purchase the home, you are responsible for fixing them, which can be very expensive.

Letting Your Heart Rule Your Head

It's all too simple to fall in love with a particular home and lose sight of any potential issues. For instance, if purchasing your ideal home will push your budget to its very limit, it may quickly turn into a nightmare as you battle to make ends meet each month. Similar to how a bad location can negatively affect your quality of life.

Not hiring an agent

When purchasing your first home, a real estate agent can be a helpful ally. It is tempting to forgo hiring one in order to save money, though. However, a competent agent will more than makeup for their fee by securing the greatest deals and guiding you away from other expensive blunders.

Make sure to conduct your research and choose the best agent for you. Spending some time speaking with and interviewing a number of agents can guarantee that you choose one with whom you feel at ease.

Ignoring the Neighborhood

When looking for a home, it's simple to become hooked on the property, but the neighborhood should also be taken into account. Consider your travel times, your neighbors, and any other amenities in the area. The best recommendation is to stay a day or two in the area before deciding in order to acquire a true sense of the place.


All these are mistakes that usually first-time homebuyers make. But, you can avoid all of them by consulting with real estate experts. EFS Marketing is a trustable real estate firm where you can get wise opinions from exerts. Contact us now to step into the real estate sector.

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