Kingdom Valley Islamabad Development Updates 2023

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The year 2023 came with very slow development progress in the Real Estate sector. But, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad has shuffled all the states by becoming the only housing society having a greater ratio of development work in the current year.

Kingdom Valley housing society is one of the prominent housing projects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is located near the Chakri Interchange at the Lahore Islamabad Motorway. The housing project has gained a reputable name in the real estate sector due to its collaboration with renowned developers, Kingdom Group.

Furthermore, the Kingdom Valley is also a perfect option for investment in residential and commercial properties as it is linked with the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme project. Also, the housing society has received its legal status from Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) under registration number DRG/PHATA/2176-2021.

The Kingdom Valley is a fast-growing housing project that has earned the interest of a considerable number of investors. According to a recent report by the realtors in Islamabad, no housing society has ever speeded up the progress of the development work as the Kingdom Valley did. The developers of the housing society mainly focus on delivering outstanding facilities and amenities to its investors.

Here you can read in detail about Kingdom Valley Islamabad development updates for 2023.

Development Updates 2023 Kingdom Valley

Before diving into details, let's discuss in general how the kingdom valley is heading towards fulfillment.

The developers of the housing society have hired professional engineers, architects, and designers to speed up the development work in the housing society. Furthermore, the rapid development in the housing society is the result of the devoted work of the professionals. So, the day is not far off when the housing society will be a complete housing project covering all the aspects of living a luxurious and peaceful life. Therefore, the housing project is likely the best option for investment in residential and commercial properties.

To date, all the primary development works including land leveling, plot cutting, and construction of wide carped roads have been completed. The carpeted roads are designed skillfully to connect all the residential and commercial blocks in the housing society.

Here, we will discuss the development updates in each block separately. For more details and the latest updates subscribe to our youtube channel.

Recreational Park Development

The development work on recreational parks is almost completed. In the middle of the housing society, the management of the Kingdom Valley has established a theme park, and now it is open for visitors. Furthermore, the housing society keeps immense care of the mental peace of its residents. For this purpose, the developers plan to establish recreational parks in the housing society where the residents can spend some leisure moments and enjoy the calmness of the environment. The Kingdom Valley is the only housing society to open a recreational park within a short time.

Executive Block Development

The development work in the Executive Block in Kingdom Valley is also at a rapid speed. Kingdom Housing Society’s developers are working effectively to make the housing project a dream place for its residents. The ground leveling work is almost completed and is ready for construction work. However, the roads are made operated for transport among the blocks and sectors in the housing society. The residential housing project is a better place for the residents as they will be having all the facilities and amenities at their doorsteps. Contact us now for booking or visit EFS Marketing for more help. 

General Block Development

The General Block is prominent in Kingdom Valley. In the block, the developers of the Kingdom Valley completed the necessary development work. So, you can say that the General Block is ready for construction as the leveling of land and plot cutting are completed.

Furthermore, the early completion of the development work will be possible through the extra efforts of the professionals and the installation of modern machinery. Therefore, the developers specially hired expert individuals to perform the tasks more efficiently.

Now, the developers of the Kingdom Valley aim to complete all the development work before balloting and announce the balloting event at the end of May 2023. However, it may also delay due to some unwanted circumstances in the country.

Farmhouses Development

Kingdom Valley is a housing society where you can invest in large farmhouses. After investing in the farmhouses in Kingdom Valley you can start living a peaceful life among beautiful sceneries. You can turn your dream into a reality as the Kingdom Valley management started the development work on the farmhouses soon after the announcement of the housing project. The ground leveling and the cutting of plots, and other essential construction work are in progress, and will soon be ready for construction. However, the full development work in the housing society will take some extra time. The farmhouses are in large land cuttings, so you can easily live with your expanded family.


Kingdom Valley development updates in 2023 are no doubt worth applause. But, all the appreciations are for the skilled and professional workmen who are a vital part of the housing society. However, other housing societies including Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City, Rudn Enclave, Blue World City, DHA Housing Societies, and Park View City also showed considerable development works in the year 2023.

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