Kingdom Valley Islamabad Announced Balloting 2023

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Furthermore, Kingdom Valley is going to announce its first balloting. So, with this step, the Kingdom Valley housing project will become the first housing society to announce the allotment of plot numbers in a very short period.

The Kingdom Valley released the News from its official page fulfilling the promise they have made to the investors. The balloting of the plots will accelerate the development work in the housing society. Also, it will bring more investment to the Kingdom Valley. As a result of the balloting, it is also expected that the prices of the plots in the Kingdom housing society may hike. However, it is the greatest news for the investors of Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

How to Be Part of Kingdom Valley Balloting 2023

The investors can take part in balloting ceremony who have paid 95% of their instalments till May 20, 2023. So, if you want to receive your plot number in Kingdom Valley, pay at least 95% of your plot's amount. If you don’t have the required amount at the time, the housing society offers you a golden opportunity to get a discount on paying your instalment through KDF (Kingdom Valley Discount Form)

What is KDF or Kingdom Discount Form?

KDF is a form on which the Kingdom Valley Islamabad offer you a 25% discount. The procedure of payment through KDF is very simple. You can easily buy the KDF at the price of PKR 20,000, submit it to the office of Kingdom Valley, and get an adjustment of PKR 25,000 in the ledger of your instalments. But there are certain rules for buying KDFs. As you can buy a specific number of forms for various sizes of plots.

For example, for a 3.5-marla plot, you need to buy 4 KDFs at the amount of PKR 80,000 and get a discount of PKR 20,000. It means that you can get the adjustment of PKR 100,000. Neither can you buy more than 4 forms or less. Similarly, for 4 marlas and 5 marlas, you can buy four KDFs and follow the same procedure.

However, for 8 Marla and 10 Marla plots you can buy 6 KDFs for the amount of PKR 120,000. After submitting these forms, you can get a discount of PKR 30,000, and update your ledger with the amount of PKR 150,000.

Furthermore, for payment of the instalments of a 1 Kanal plot, you can buy 8 KDFs at the price of PKR 160,000, and get a discount of PKR 40,000. The Kingdom Valley will adjust PKR 200,000 in your instalment ledger.

Moreover, you can buy 10 and 12 KDFs for 4 kanal and 8 kanal plots at the amount of PKR 200,000 and 240,000 respectively. The management of the Kingdom Valley will adjust your instalments accordingly. Visit our youtube channel for more details.


The Kingdom Valley balloting 2023 is the best opportunity for you to possess properties in a top-class housing society in Rawalpindi Islamabad. If you have booked your plot, pay the amount up to 95%. However, if you have not booked a plot in Kingdom Valley, it is the best opportunity to buy a plot in the housing society and become part of the next Kingdom Valley balloting ceremony. We offer residential and commercial plots in all the best housing societies in Islamabad at affordable prices. For booking, you can visit our office or contact us through our official websites.

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