DHA Gujranwala Master Plan

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The master plan for DHA is really amazing because smart and expert people like planners, engineers, and designers worked on it. Furthermore, expert architects planned the housing area very well. The area is divided into parts for homes and shops to make it organized.

Currently, the DHA Gujranwala has two phases

DHA Phase 1

DHA Phase 2

Sectors in DHA Gujranwala

There are many sectors in DHA Gujranwala, they are:

  • Sector A
  • Sector B
  • Sector C
  • Sector D
  • Sector E
  • Sector G
  • Sector J
  • Sector K
  • Sector L
  • Sector M
  • Future Sector 1
  • Future Sector 2
  • Commercial Zone 1
  • Commercial Zone 2
  • Commercial Zone 3

Now, we will discuss how these sectors are divided into different blocks.

DHA Sector C

The area called Sector C in DHA Gujranwala is almost done being built. The really good things there are playgrounds, parks, a high school, a power station, a place for shops, a gas station, and a graveyard.

Furthermore, several blocks in Sector C, are:

  • Block C1
  • Block C2
  • Block C3
  • Block C4

You can find residential plots for sale in two categories in all these blocks.

  • 5 Marla plot for sale in DHA Gujranwala
  • 10 Marla plot for sale DHA Gujranwala

DHA Gujranwala Sector G

People living in Sector G in Gujranwala will have access to all the important and fancy facilities like playgrounds, parks, elementary schools, hospitals, and places to shop. The building in Sector G is almost done, and you can get residential plots in these specific areas.

The blocks in Sector G are:

  • Block G1
  • Block G2
  • Block G3
  • Block G4

Additionally, you have the option to invest in plots in DHA Gujranwala's Sector G and pay the money in small, manageable payments. There's a 1 kanal plot up for sale in DHA Gujranwala, and you can also purchase a 10-marla plot in Sector G.

DHA Gujranwala Sector K and L

Similar to the other sectors in DHA, Sectors K, and L are on track to be completely built soon. People living there will enjoy amenities like playgrounds, parks, special theme parks, an elementary school, a bigger school complex, a power station, a hospital, and a place for shops. These sectors are split into different blocks for the organization. Visit our YouTube channel for more details.

Blocks in sector K

  • Block K1
  • Block K2
  • Block K3
  • Block K4
  • Block K5
  • Block K6
  • Block K7
  • Block K8
  • Block K9

Blocks in Sector L

  • Block L1
  • Block L2
  • Block L3
  • Block L4
  • Block L5
  • Block L6

In Blocks K and L of the housing society, there are various plot sizes available for purchase. Currently, the rate for a 5-marla file in DHA Gujranwala is quite affordable in this sector. Additionally, you have the opportunity to invest in 8 Marla plots, as well as 1 Kanal plot for sale in DHA Gujranwala.

DHA Gujranwala Sector M

While living in Sector M in DHA Gujranwala, you will benefit from all the luxury facilities in the housing society.

Blocks in Sector M

Sector M is further divided into many blocks where you can invest in residential plots.

  • Block M1
  • Block M2
  • Block M3
  • Block M4
  • Block M5
  • Block M6

You can have the best opportunities to invest in residential properties in these blocks.

1 kanal plot for sale

2 kanal plot for sale

Commercial Zone 1 in DHA Gujranwala

As the housing society offers you the best opportunity to invest in residential properties, the DHA offers affordable commercial plots.

  • 4 Marla commercial plots for sale
  • 8 Marla commercial plot for sale

DHA Gujranwala Commercial Zone 2

Commercial plots are available for sale in DHA Gujranwala Commercial Zone 2 at the best prices.

  • 4 marla plots for sale
  • 8 marla plots for sale

DHA Gujranwala Commercial Zone 3           

Commercial Zone 3 offers various commercial plots for sale in DHA Gujranwala.

  • 4 Marla commercial plots for sale
  • 8 Marla commercial plots for sale
  • 10 Marla commercial plots for sale
  • 1 kanal commercial plots for sale

ARY Laguna DHA Gujranwala

ARY Laguna DHA Gujranwala is a special project designed according to global standards, providing really nice and fancy living options. They've reserved around 400 acres of land for this project to give people an amazing way of life. You can book properties with an easy payment plan.

The plan for ARY Laguna has different types of things: Villas, Mansions, places to live, places for shops, and apartments.

ARY Laguna Villas:

ARY Laguna Villas are available for sale in:

  • 4 marla
  • 8 marla

ARY Laguna Mansions

You can live a better life after investing in:

  • 2 kanalmansions
  • 4 kanal mansions

ARY Laguna Residential plots

ARY Laguna 10 marla and 1 kanal plot are available for sale

ARY Laguna Commercial Plots

4 marla and 8 marla commercial plots are available for sale in ARY Laguna

ARY Laguna Apartments

1,2, and 3-bedroom apartments are available for sale in ARY Laguna DHA Gujranwala.


The master plan of the DHA Gujranwala is perfect in all aspects. It can be the best option for you to invest. For booking a plot, you can contact EFS Marketing.

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