Development Status in Blue World City Sports Valley Block

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Sports Valley Block offers 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots for lodgers. It is also set to launch commercial plots to cater to the commercial needs of this tourist attraction site.

Baseless Rumours about Blue World City

We visited the site primarily to end our customers' doubts which created baseless rumors. These rumors are mainly being spread by competitors of Blue World City which are unable to meet the world-class standards set by Blue World City. As they are not able to compete with Blue World City on the ground, they go for propaganda war against this groundbreaking society that will serve millions of people. Visit Our Channel for more details.

The development work is going on at a pace faster than ever, and the quality of work is unparalleled as well. Some main roads are already constructed and others are being constructed. Almost all the land in the Sports Valley Block is leveled. Pakistan's biggest cricket stadium has a sitting capacity of around 50,000 people is also planned to be made in this block. The development work has also been initiated on this stadium which will bring national and international tourism to this block.

There are some other rumors in the market regarding the land area of Blue World City. The propagandists have spread that Blue World City does not have as much land as it propagates. We assure you after visiting the site multiple times and from various dimensions, that the society has more land than many could imagine. The development work on the project is spread over hundreds and thousands of Kanals and more land is also being bought to facilitate new buyers. All these land records are official and the Society has possession of these lands. The society constitutes both sides of the motorway, chakri interchange, and stretches as far as Adyala Road. It is, by all means, a mega-housing project that has the capacity to fulfill the needs of millions of people.

If you are still doubtful regarding any of the rumors about Blue World City, we invite you to contact us. We will plan a free visit to society for you along with our expert realtors who will guide you at every inch.

Why Should You Invest in Blue World City NOW?

Blue World City is growing day by day and with that, its rates are also increasing. The first price for a 5 Marla plot in General Block was around 700,000 and now the first sector of this Block is fully developed and the same size plots are being sold at around 2,500,000 rupees. All this hike has taken only 2, or 3 years and now the people who invested in General Block are playing with gold. Home and commercial places are being constructed there at a rapid pace and people will soon start to settle in this state-of-the-art society.

Overseas Block also offers a great investment opportunity as the development speed in this Block is much higher than in others. You can buy 7 marla residential plots in this Block on 1 year's investment to get a great return on investment in the near future.

In the same way, you can now invest in other Blocks to earn big profits once the development work gets completed. EFS Marketing is always here to listen to your queries and answer them.


Blue World City Sports Valley Block is an illustrious block in society that aims to attract tourism to the country. The development work on the site is going sprightly and new projects are also being added to increase the attractiveness of this block. The rumors being spread about the land and value of Blue World City are baseless and carry no weight. You can reach out yo us in case you have got more queries about Blue World City.

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