Blue World City Latest Location and Development Updates

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Development work in Blue World City is going on with full zeal and we at EFS Marketing do regular site visits to update you about the development status. We will also update you about the exact location of different blocks in Blue World City. In this regard, the location of Awami Block is of special significance as there is a lot of confusion about its exact location.

Location and Development Updates

We aim to provide you with the exact details of the project you are going to invest in. This clears the investor's mind and thus a healthy client-realtor relationship is created, which is our primary focus. Below, we will provide the location and development  details of different blocks in Blue World City:

Awami Block

Blue World City Awami Block is an affordable block in society primarily made for those who can't afford expensive land. Awami Block, along with Blue Hills, is located on the other side of the motorway as compared to the remaining Blocks of the society. If you're traveling from Islamabad to Lahore on M2 Motorway, the location of Awami Block is on the right side. The block will have a separate entrance and marketing agencies were informed about the location by the society before starting the development project on the block. However, still many people are unaware of Awami Block's exact location. We hope it will clear your doubts regarding the project's exact location.

Blue Hills Country Farms

The location of Blue Hills Country Farms is right next to Awami Block. It is located on the right side of the Motorway if we are traveling from Islamabad to Lahore.

Blue Word DownTown

Blue World Downtown is located on the left side of the Motorway if we are traveling from Islamabad to Lahore. There are many banners and posters of the society on the site to showcase what it belongs to.

Main Entrance of the Society

The main Entrance of the society is on chakri road where Gate no 1 of the society is located. After entering from Gate no 1, you witness the Horse Mascots, Water Theme Park, and an Educational Square containing the Forces Schools System.

Waterfront District

The Waterfront District is located at the end of school avenue. It also has direct access from the main entrance.

Overseas Block

When one crosses the educational square on the main northern avenue from Burj al Arab's side, the next roundabout is that of the Overseas Block. The left side of this roundabout constitutes the Sports Valley Block. The right side, which is towards Adyala Road, constitutes the overseas block till Chontra. A separate entrance gate will be constructed at Chontra which will be district seven of the overseas block. Overall, 14 sectors of the Overseas Block have already been balloted. The development work on the executive block of the Overseas Block will be completed within the next 3 to 4 months.

Sports Valley Block

When one crosses the educational square on the main northern avenue from Burj al Arab's side, Sports Valley Block is on the left side from the next roundabout. Sports Valley Block contains a huge land i.e., 8000 Kanal. Out of these 8000 Kanals, 1200 Kanals are specifically allocated for the cricket stadium. This will be Pakistan's biggest cricket stadium having a sitting capacity of 55,000 people and a parking capacity of 15,000 cars. The stadium will have a commercial zone in its vicinity that will help commercial activities.

There is a detailed video made by the society that explains these commercial activities and you can visit Our Channel for regular updates.

General Block

Sector 5 of General Block is opposite Burj ul Arab. This sector offers 1 and 2 Kanal plots. Sector 1 of General Block is located on the opposite side of the Forces Schools System. Other sectors of this block are in the same line connected by a wide School Avenue. This avenue will be connected with the river while touching the 8 planned sectors of the General Block.

Hollywood Block

Hollywood Block is located on the opposite side of General Block. It has a serene ambiance that provides picturesque scenery. All roads in this block are above 50 ft wide. The 10 Marla plots in this block cost Rs. 6,000,000. These plots are available as per your choice on the ground within 1 year.


The development work is going at a rapid pace in Blue World City. There are some misconceptions about the locations of Blue World City's block which we have tried to clarify. In most cases, agents keep the buyers unaware of the actual location of the block, which is ethically and legally unfair.

You can always contact EFS Marketing to get authentic details about a project before investing in it.

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