Blue World City Latest Development Updates July 2023

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Blue World City has speeded up the development work in the housing society. No other housing society has reached this milestone. Moreover, the developers of BWC keep working in each block to make it ideal and the best place for living.

After reading the article, you will know about the current development status of the housing project. However, leveling and construction of roads and boulevard were completed in the first year of the launching of the housing society. Now, the management tends to work on multiple other projects in the housing society for making it according to the modern standards of living.

The details about development work in the housing society are given below.

Blue World City General Block Latest Development Updates 2023

The development is underway in Sector 3, sector 4, and Sector 5 in the General Block of Blue World City. It is considered one of the most developed blocks in the housing society.

Work on sewerage lines and grey structures in many buildings is completed. Furthermore, road layouts are completed, and work on different avenues is in progress. Many plots in the General Block are ready for sale. The carpeted roads are constructed among all the sectors in the block. In short, the General Block will be completely ready for living in the current year.

Blue World City Overseas Block Latest Development Updates 2023

Blue World City offers the best opportunity to overseas clients by developing the BWC Overseas Block. You can see the latest development updates here. The developers of the housing society pay special attention to the development of the Overseas block. Furthermore, the development work is rapid in the block featuring to be the best place for overseas investors.

Furthermore, multiple projects are completed in Overseas Block including river view avenue. The roadsides of River View Avenue are fully developed and carpeted, however, a little development work is remaining on one side of River Avenue Road.

The main Boulevard is not completed yet, however, the development work is in full swing. Blue World City developers plan to extend the boulevard to all the sectors in Overseas Block.

Blue World City Hollywood Block Latest Development Updates 2023

The Development work is not at a fast speed like Overseas Block and General Block. But as compared to other contemporary housing societies, the development work is underway swiftly. The Hollywood Block is famous in Blue World City. The developers have started work on constructing the main entrance of the block.

Furthermore, the work on road infrastructure is also started in the block. Soon you can see a wide network of carpeted roads in the housing society.

The availability of heavy machinery in the housing society especially in the Hollywood block assure that in the current year, all the pending work will be completed in the block. You can also visit our youtube channel for regular updates.

Blue World City Waterfront District Latest Development Updates 2023

Water Front District in Blue World City is gaining popularity these days due to speedy development work in the residential block. Though the block was recently launched it has surpassed all the other blocks in the Blue World City in terms of fast-paced development work.

Currently, the developers are working on leveling the ground for the construction of a network of roads, avenues, and link roads. Furthermore, the developers of BWC are devoted to turning the block into a model block. So, we can suggest you invest in the Waterfront block in Blue World City as it is expected to be completed very soon.

Blue World City Awami Block Latest Development Updates 2023

The Awami Block is another popular block in the Blue World City having development work at a fast speed. It is the most affordable block in the BWC specially launched for investors with low income.

The work on the entrance gate is almost finished. Furthermore, the ground survey is also complete in the block. So, it is confirmed that after a very short time, all the groundwork be finished in the Awami Residential Block.

How to Book a Plot in All Blocks of Blue World City?

After Reading about the fast-paced development work in all the blocks of Blue World City, now if you want to book a plot in any of the blocks, you can contact EFS Marketing. However, for further details, you can visit the BWC head office.

The booking procedure is very simple, you can download the booking form from the official website of Blue World City. But, with the booking form you have to submit certain documents that are required for booking commercial or residential plots.

The following documents are required for booking a plot in BWC

  • 2 Passport size pictures
  • 2 copies of your National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • 2 copies of the National Identity Card (CNIC) of your next of kin.
  • NICOP for Overseas Clients


You have read about Blue World City's latest development updates in 2023. Stay connected there are yet to come more developments in the current year. Also, invest today to grab the opportunity.

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