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The project comprises different blocks. There is a lot of talk about the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Blue World City. Though the development work and project delivery is going at an optimum pace, people have concerns about whether the society is legal or illegal. In this blog, we will look at the matter of NOC from different angles and give you strong reasons why Blue World City has no legal complications and the project will be delivered as per the promises.

NOC approval by District Council in 2018

The District Council Rawalpindi approved the NOC of Blue World City Islamabad in 2018. Development work started in the society after the NOC approval by the District Council and its pace kept increasing with the passage of time. After some time, a political and bureaucratic tussle started between the District Council Rawalpindi and the Rawalpindi Development Authority. The previous government formulated a new institution called Punjab Housing and Town Planning Authority (PHATA) to plan and approve new housing societies. However, problems stuck there, and things didn't resolve courtesy of political instability and bureaucratic monopolies.

Conflict of Interest and RDA

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) or development authorities in other cities are themselves involved in the development of different projects. This is to say, that such authorities are a part of the game, how can someone be a player and the referee at the same time? Development authorities have a conflict of interest with housing projects, that's the reason why district councils are in a better situation to approve or disapprove NOCs based on merit, rather than their interests.

Why District Councils?

As explained before, district councils don't have a conflict of interest with housing projects; thus, they are more likely to offer NOCs based on a set legal criterion. Secondly, district councils have direct coordination with local bodies and they know the ground situation of the society. They have an information database of who owns the land, whether it was bought or not, what's the pace of site work, etc. These questions carry special significance when it comes to the timely delivery of a project. Hence, NOC approved by District Councils carry more weight than other authorities as it is given while considering the ground situation.

NOC: Not the Only Criterion of a Project’s Success

While No Objection Certificate (NOC) does increase a project’s success. It, however, isn't the only thing that determines a project's success. Here are some of the more important things to be kept in mind before investing in real estate projects, than NOC:

  • Land Acquired: A project can only deliver you what it has. Thus, the first point you should focus on while investing in real estate projects is the land acquired by society. If we look at the site of Blue World City, it has around 150,000 Kanal-acquired lands. This is a huge land and it makes Blue World City one of the biggest housing projects in the twin cities.
  • Development Work: The authorities of Blue World City are working at a rapid pace and many blocks of the society have gone through a major portion of their development work. If you visit the site of Blue World City, you will see an unrivaled speed of development work. Hence, if a project is doing development at such a range, why would it be a fraud as the haters of the society are claiming?

The case of Blue World City's NOC is in court and it will soon be approved. However, there are numerous approved projects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi that were approved years and years ago. But if you visit their sites, they haven't even leveled the ground; let alone any development work.

So it is our professional suggestion that we don't just fall prey to the NOC status. Visit the site, look at the development work, and the land acquired, and then decide for yourselves whether or not the society is worth your investment. To invest in this project, you can contact EFS marketing and for latest updates you can visit Our Channel.

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