Blue World City Islamabad Development Status wrt General Block

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The project is being developed on a massive scale and will cover an area of approximately 45,000 kanals (approx. 5,625 acres). It is located on Chakri Road, which is an important transportation corridor in the region and is well-connected to the rest of the city.

Blue World City Islamabad is being developed as a smart city, with a focus on providing state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure to its residents. The project will include a wide range of amenities, including schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and recreational facilities.

One of the main attractions of Blue World City Islamabad is its location. It is located just a few minutes drives away from the new Islamabad International Airport, which is currently under construction. The project is also located close to the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor, which is a major transportation and trade route between the two countries.

In terms of residential options, Blue World City Islamabad will offer a variety of housing options to suit the needs of different income groups. The project will include low-rise apartments, mid-rise apartments, and high-rise apartments, as well as independent houses and villas.

The commercial sector in Blue World City Islamabad is also being developed on a large scale. The project will include a variety of business and office spaces, as well as retail outlets and entertainment venues.

Development Works in Blue World City

The development work in the Blue World City is ongoing at a brisk pace with imported heavy machinery in complete accordance with international standards. The Development Status of an ongoing society keeps on evolving, and investors are interested in knowing about the latest updates. We understand the curiosity behind this and that's why Grey Bricks Marketing always tends to provide you with the newest updates about development at the Blue World City.

 Following are the main highlights of the work progress in society so far:

Corporate Office

The corporate office in Blue World City is inspired by the majestic Burj Al Arab situated in Dubai. It is a replica of Burj Ul Arab and is designed to feature all departments inside it. The development work on it has reached near completion. The following are some distinguished features of this office:

• 300 feet tall

• 14 floors along with 3 basements

• It covers around 11802 sq m area

• It has Skyview towers: inspired by Botanical Gardens Thailand

• Skyroof Restaurant, Helipad, Rooftop tennis court

• It also has a 119 feet high Atrium

• It contains executive penthouse apartments

• It has a gym and spa

General Block

Blue World City General Block offers an all-encompassing modern lifestyle. When it comes to giving luxury at a reasonable price, this housing project is an integral part of society. It’s located in a decent part of town, and it’s not difficult to get to. This housing project will give the economy of this country a huge boost, but it will also help the middle-salaried income class. This project will also provide a safe and secure investment place for investors. Blue World City, regarded as a city inside a city, is a masterwork of urban planning and architecture. The community project is equipped with all of the amenities of modern living while remaining in the most tranquil and beautiful surroundings.

If we talk about the General Block and its importance to the Blue World City, it is an integral part of the overall aesthetics of the community lifestyle. The sole purpose is to provide modern and magnificent amenities at affordable rates. Lush green side roads, parks, carpeted roads, properly planned infrastructure, well-lit residences, and serenity support the lifestyle choices of individuals who aim to live a convenient but cost-effective lifestyle. It’s evident from the Blue World City General block map that it will be a massive success.

The general block of the lodging society is fully developed along with the leveling and groundwork. The roads and streets are fully carpeted with street signs and lights installed. To ensure the continuous supply of electricity the management has constructed the overhead water tanks in the block as well. Hence, considering the development work, this block is ready for possession and construction.

Distinctive Features in BWC

  • Gate Community
  • Identified Gate Entry System
  • 24 Hours CCTV Security
  • A short drive from M-2 Motorway
  • 24-Hours Health Services with Ambulances
  • Guest Waiting Area
  • E-Tag system
  • Closeness to New Islamabad Airport
  • Overseas Lagoon Club
  • Mosques
  • Parks & Jogging Track
  • Play Area Mini Golf Club
  • Restaurants
  • Green Service Area
  • Blue Mart Department Store Chain

Overall, the Blue World City project looks set to be a major development in the suburbs of Islamabad, offering residents a high standard of living and all the necessary amenities and facilities for a comfortable and modern lifestyle.

It is expected to attract a large number of buyers and investors due to its focus on sustainability and the wide range of housing and commercial options it offers.To invest in this project, you can contact EFS marketing and for latest updates you can visit Our Channel.

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