DHA Gujranwala Facilities and Amenities

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DHA Gujranwala is a new housing project managed by the Defence Housing Authority. It's becoming popular for its good plans for homes and businesses compared to other housing societies. This place is on the main GT road in Gujranwala, which is easy to get to. The prices to live here are fair, so it's not hard to invest in this housing plan.

It's also a good idea to invest here because it's one of the approved housing areas in Gujranwala. It's connected to DHA, which means it's a legal housing place. But remember, all DHA housing areas are controlled by the Pakistan Army.

DHA is in many cities in Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, Quetta, Bahawalpur, and Multan. But DHA Gujranwala has convinced the local people to invest here. It has a lot of land for houses, divided into parts for homes and businesses.

Apart from all these details, the DHA Gujranwala is known for its matchless facilities and amenities.

Facilities and Amenities

There are countless facilities and amenities available in the housing society to provide the residents with comfort and happiness. The facilities are:

Basic Facilities

The people building this place are making sure it has everything you need, like electricity, gas, and water. They are even putting in strong generators to make sure there's power even if the regular electricity goes out.

Education Facilities

Having good schools is really important for any community. In DHA Gujranwala, they're going to build proper schools to make sure everyone gets a good education.

Health Facilities

The developers of DHA Gujranwala are really focused on making sure everyone stays healthy. They're building hospitals and clinics right in the housing area, so everyone can get good medical care. And if you need help quickly, there are also other hospitals nearby, like CMH Gujranwala, Gondal Medical Complex, DHQ Hospital Gujranwala, City Hospital, District Civil Hospital, Zia Medical Complex, Kamoki Family Hospital, and Hamza Hospital.

Transport Facilities

In DHA Gujranwala, they've made sure that all the different parts of the housing area are linked with wide, nicely paved roads. The people building this place have also arranged for modern transportation options to make it easy for residents to get around.

Parks and Green Spaces

There are parks and open areas where you can relax, exercise, and spend time outdoors. Furthermore, the availability of Green Spaces will help to maintain the environment of the housing society.

Security Measures

DHA housing societies are known for their security arrangements, including gated entrances, surveillance, and security personnel to ensure safety.

Community Centers

These are places where residents can come together for events, social activities, and gatherings. Also, they can share their life experiences with one another.

Sports Facilities

DHA often provides sports facilities like sports complexes, tennis courts, and playgrounds for recreational activities.

Shopping Areas

There might be shopping centers or markets within the housing society for daily necessities and shopping convenience.


Usually, DHA societies include mosques for residents to practice their faith conveniently. There will also be mosques in each sector to facilitate the residents with their religious needs.

Waste Management

Proper waste disposal and management systems are put in place to maintain cleanliness. Furthermore, the system will play a role in boosting up the living standards of the residents of the housing society.

Water Resources

Well-planned water supply and sewage systems ensure proper sanitation. The developers of the housing society will establish water reservoirs to provide the residents with abundant amounts of water.

Recreational Facilities

Apart from schools, there could be other educational and recreational facilities like libraries, activity centers, and clubs.

Internet and Communication Services

Modern housing societies often provide good internet connectivity and communication infrastructure.

Boundary Wall and Security Gates

Boundary Wall and Security Gates help control access to the housing society and enhance security.

Backup Power Systems

In addition to the generators you mentioned, there could be backup power systems to ensure electricity during outages.

Landscaping and Aesthetics

DHA societies usually focus on creating an aesthetically pleasing environment with landscaping and well-maintained surroundings.

Besides, these facilities and amenities the housing society has many salient Features.

Salient Features

  • 24/7 Security
  • Modern Waste Collection & Disposal
  • Food Courts
  • Cricket Grounds
  • Affordable
  • Sports Club
  • Underground and Overhead Water Tanks
  • Sewerage Disposal Stations
  • Underground Water Supply
  • Plantation & Landscaping
  • Well-Gated
  • Underground Electrification
  • Sui Gas
  • Commercial Areas
  • Community Centers
  • Parks & Playgrounds
  • Mosques
  • Educational Institutes
  • Shopping Malls
  • Movie Theatre
  • 5 Star Hotel
  • Hospitals
  • Education Complex
  • DHA Mall
  • Theme Park
  • Ideal Location
  • Community Club 
  • Football Grounds
  • Filling Station
  • Medical Facilities
  • Sports Complex
  • Accessible
  • 132 KV Grid Station

How to Book a Plot in DHA Gujranwala?

After reading all the details about the housing society, if you want to book a plot in DHA, you can contact us. However, you will need to submit some essential documents with your booking form. If you want to see regular news and updates subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Documents Required

  • Passport Size Pictures
  • Copies of CNIC
  • Copies of CNIC of Next of kin
  • NICOP for overseas clients
  • Proof of Payment


DHA Gujranwala is the only housing society in the region that offers multiple facilities and amenities to its residents. Book a plot now by contacting EFS Marketing.

We also offer booking of plots in other housing societies including Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Blue World City, and New City Paradise.

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