Al Jalil Garden Lahore Introduction

Al Jalil Garden Lahore is a premium housing project located on the main Lahore-Sharaqpur Road. It is in the vicinity of the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2). This project is well-planned, designed, and developed by a highly qualified team of professionals. Thorough planning to create a first-class residential area with an eye on the future  Jalil Garden is the best investment opportunity in Lahore with the highest return on investment (ROI). The company was originally intended to be an affordable housing company in the heart of Lahore. The developer has promised to provide the finest housing associations with the finest luxury yet affordable facilities.

Developers and Owners of Al Jalil Garden

Al-Jalil Developers is an exceptional, well-known, and renowned development company featuring this remarkable local private project.


The developer entered the real estate industry in 2002 with several notable housing projects, presenting new guidelines for the urbanized modern life of Lahore's people.

After encountering their huge and colossal achievements in Al-Rehman Gardens Phase-I and Phase-II and Subhan Gardens, they introduced Al-Jalil Gardens Housing Society Lahore, then Al-Noor Orchard, Al Aziz Introduced Residencia Sadhoke and Al-Bari Residencia Sheikhupura. Apply obvious proficiency and skill.

Al-Jalil's developers are said to be the leading designers in Lahore, ensuring that most of the development focus dictated by customer needs is met.

NOC of Al Jalil Garden Lahore

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Al Jalil Garden Lahore is approved by the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA). Being an approved project, Al Jalil Garden Lahore has a greater potential of giving a high return on investment. Also, NOC-approved projects are completed quickly as compared to unapproved ones. 


Location of Al Jalil Garden Lahore


The location of Al Jalil Garden Lahore is situated at the main Lahore-Sharaqpur Road along with proximity to the M-2 Motorway. The prime location of the Al-Jalil Garden in Lahore has been chosen to facilitate the potential lodgers of the society.

Accessibilities of Al Jalil Garden Lahore


Al Jalil Garden Lahore is a very accessible housing project.
It is accessible in the following forms: 
⦁    It is located at the main Lahore-Sharaqpur Road
⦁    It is almost 3 min drive away from M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
⦁    It is almost 5 min drive away from M-3 Lahore-Multan Motorway
⦁    It is almost 9 min drive away from Sagian Wala Bypass Road
⦁    It is almost 11 min drive away from Lahore – Sargodha Road
⦁    It is almost 18 min drive away from N-5 National Highway
⦁    It is almost 21 min drive away from Lahore Ring Road

Nearby Landmarks of Al Jalil Garden


Al Jalil Garden Lahore has the following important landmarks: 
⦁    Shahi Qila
⦁    Garhi Shahu
⦁    Gulshan Ravi
⦁    Samanabad
⦁    Shah Alami
⦁    Lower Mall
⦁    Bilal Gunj
⦁    Bund Rd
⦁    Akbari Mandi
⦁    Riwaz Garden
⦁    Timber Market
⦁    Kala Shah Kaku
⦁    Allama Iqbal Town
⦁    Kot Khawaja Saeed
⦁    University of Punjab
⦁    Allama Iqbal International Airport, Airport Road
⦁    Badshahi mosque
⦁    Shahdara
⦁    Ferozwala

Master Plan of Al Jalil Garden Lahore


The master plan of Al Jalil Garden has been very carefully devised and it caters to the needs of all kinds of residents. It provides a luxurious lifestyle to its residents. International architects and engineers have been taken into account while formulating the master plan of Al Jalil Garden Lahore. 


It consists of the following phases and their sub-blocks:

Al Jalil Gardens Phase I:

The following Blocks exist in Phase 1:

⦁    Al Jalil Garden Rose Blocks
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Tulip Blocks
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Jasmine Blocks

The developers have accomplished the developments in Phase.

Al Jalil Gardens Phase II:

Several Blocks are divided in Phase 2 of Al Jalil Garden:

⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block A
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block B
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block C
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block D
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block E
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block F
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block G
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block H
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block I
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block J
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block K
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block L
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block M
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block N
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block O
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block P
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block Q
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block R
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block S
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block T
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block U
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block V
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block W
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block X
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block Y
⦁    Al Jalil Garden Block Z

Al Jalil Garden Residential Plots:

Al Jalil Garden offers a range of residential plots for sale in the following sizes: 
⦁    3 Marla
⦁    5 Marla
⦁    8 Marla
⦁    10 Marla
⦁    1 Kanal
⦁    2 Kanal

Al Jalil Garden Commercial Plots:

Al Jalil Garden is offering a range of commercial plots for sale in different sizes, which are as under: 
⦁    2 Marla
⦁    4 Marla
⦁    8 Marla

Amenities and Facilities in Al Jalil Garden Lahore

Al Jalil Garden is a well-planned community with all kinds of facilities and features. Everything you need to live a comfortable and safe life is here. Al Jalil developers created this community intending to improve people's quality of life. Everything is well maintained in this condo and you have at your disposal great community features that will make your life wonderful.

From social, residential, and basic functions to leisure options, Al Jalil Garden has it all. You get more than you expect because the community has truly unique amenities that improve the standard of living of its people. All basic amenities are also available in this housing project, but some advanced amenities have been introduced to make your daily life more attractive.


Staying at Al Jalil Garden is a dream come true for anyone. Enjoy family time in a lush, clean and peaceful environment. Comfortable day and night, the whole family can embrace the quality, standardized lifestyle that today's needs and demands are. The best basic utilities are available in Al Jalil, but so are the advanced features. Here you can get everything you need for a good life and everything that meets international conditions and standards. This approach makes this housing project a priority for buying properties and building your dream home in a safe and nurturing environment.

These facilities are essential to upgrade your lifestyle and leading a satisfying life. This is also the concept for various new housing forms that have to travel far to access essentials and other conveniences. You won't find anything like this at Al Jalil Gardens as this housing project is being developed in a sustainable area with numerous facilities nearby. Residents also have access to everything they need in society.


This place allows you to enjoy leisure opportunities and the beautiful green atmosphere of the municipality without having to go anywhere. While you can spend quality time with your family, having access to great amenities and features increases the value of this condo. Progress work is still in progress and we expect to introduce various new features in the future. At this point, the value and price of your property will increase, offering the best possible value.

Al Jalil Garden is a promising residential project, very ideal for living and investment as the great features here have worked very well to become one of the top developments in Lahore. Introducing the featured facilities of Al Jalil Garden Lahore. 

Security System

As a modern residential area, Al Jalil Gardens has the best security system based on innovative technology. People in this gated community are guaranteed a safe, non-violent environment. A place where you can invest without compromise to provide your family with peace of mind. CCTV cameras are installed everywhere to monitor any situation. Only authorized persons are allowed into the company but equipped security guards are also available at the entrance 27/7. Cameras are installed throughout the community, not just at entrances, to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Educational Institutions 


Al Jalil Garden has some of the best educational institutions that guarantee a quality education for your children. You don't have to worry about your child's education or good education. We have a variety of quality schools on and near our company. Both elementary school and high school exist in society and children can get the right environment and education here. All schools have the best staff to ensure your child's bright future of learning.

Gated Community

Interacting with Lahore's gated community is most enjoyable. Once you find an apartment in this gated community, this will be a life-changing experience. The beautiful entrance is fully fenced and only authorized to enter. This further contributes to the security and peaceful coexistence of the community. In this way, various crimes and accidents can be avoided.

Shopping Centers

The most important residential area is the nearby shopping centers. All residents of Al Jalil Gardens seem to be very happy in this regard. They have the best shopping areas near their homes. I like crowds, so it is also recommended for people who want to live near shopping malls. There are huge commercial areas present in almost every sector of this condo. You can buy all kinds of groceries at these shops. This is best when everything is served at your doorstep. You don't have to go out of your way just to buy groceries.

Community Center

The Community Center has been developed to allow residents to manage events that are prohibited from being held in their homes. That's why public halls and halls are organized so that they can be enjoyed neatly. This place is so nicely decorated that people can surely host the best dinners, wedding receptions, and parties.


Most importantly about the need for playgrounds in most Lahore societies, we felt it was important to place the facilities appropriately. We all know that playgrounds are a very important aspect of urban development. For this reason, Al Jalil Gardens has a playground, which is also one of its main attractions. The playground has swings and a green lawn to create a cool atmosphere.

Jogging Tracks

All parks and playgrounds in Al Jalil Gardens have jogging tracks for fitness enthusiasts. There are jogging tracks in playgrounds and parks, as well as inside and outside the premises. This is why everyone uses these tracks as they are a construction built after exhaustive research into the fitness aspects of the human body and the materials that help people.

Community Mosque


The project has a central mosque. Al Jail and all its features are specifically designed for your best and most comfortable lifestyle. This mosque allows every resident to pray to her five times a day. This is to show the unity of the entire Muslim community. The mosque is aesthetically designed while being easily accessible to all sections of society. The interior and exterior of the mosque show the modern infrastructure very well.


This is a very important issue for Pakistan today. Many areas experience blackouts during the monsoon season when it rains. I know load shedding can be an issue, but the wiring needs to be done so that weather conditions don't affect the power delivery. For this reason, all power is supplied through underground power lines. This is a facility provided for all phases of Al Jalil Garden Lahore.

Clean Water Supply

In addition to this, there is a water supply that is not available in most areas. People have to wait hours and days to get water and have to store water in containers, which also encourages many diseases. Al Jalil has ensured adequate water supply through tube wells and storage through adequate storage tanks separated by lanes and sectors. The availability of clean drinking water is a real blessing as it can prevent many diseases. Expanded sewerage system
The sewage system is also designed to create an orderly and clean society. As a result, we have never had a situation get out of control or have a problem. All sewers and pipes are properly installed and maintained, and residents will have no problems even during the rainy season.

Sui Gas Supply

Then comes the Sui gas supply. This is also a very important aspect of Al Jalil Gardens. The underground pipelines are well-maintained, so there is not a single house with a poor water gas supply. This is a huge initiative as many housing complexes still do not have proper Sui gas connections.

Carpeted Streets

All the streets in Al Jalil Garden are 30ft to 150ft long, fully carpeted, clean, and wide so the company view is very pleasant. The green belt that colors the streets adds to the beauty, and when you go out into the world, the attractive sight spreads. The sidewalks and driveways are different, but the boulevards are also very wide. hospital
In an emergency, residents don't have to worry. Al Jalil has modern, high-standard hospitals, ensuring that people have access to the best medical care. Hospitals have advanced equipment and staff that can provide the best service to people.


Al Jalil Garden is a great investment opportunity for commercial clients as well as lodgers. It has a luxurious lifestyle, eminent location, affordable prices, and renowned developers that increase the worth of this project. Invest as soon as possible in this project to get a good return on investment in the Future. 

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